Crossword Champ Daily January 14 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Daily January 14 2022 Answers:

Soul in Sens 3 Letters AME
Crew members 4 Letters OARS
Egypt’s river to Rocco 4 Letters NILO
Photo(Oblong shaped steel block) 5 Letters INGOT
Poultry 4 Letters FOWL
Underground subways 13 Letters
___ Helens (abbr) 4 Letters MTST
Stable parents 5 Letters MARES
Attach with twine perhaps 5 Letters TIEON
___ skin off my nose! 5 Letters ITSNO
William McKinley’s wife 3 Letters IDA
Prefix for marketing 4 Letters TELE
Photo(Dried grape) 6 Letters RAISIN
Beams 4 Letters RAYS
Cameroon’s cont 3 Letters AFR
Pecking bites 4 Letters NIPS
Do something that’s below one’s dignity 5 Letters DEIGN
B___ turn into vampires 3 Letters ATS
___ you coming to dinner tonight? 3 Letters ARE
Photo(P___on) 3 Letters OIS
Sp woman (Abbr) 3 Letters SRE
Spiders’ egg holders 4 Letters SACS
Opera villains often 5 Letters ALTOS
Big inits in long distance 3 Letters ATT
Naval petty officer (abbr) 3 Letters YEO
National broadcaster 3 Letters NPR
C’___ la vie! 3 Letters EST
Payroll ID at times 3 Letters SSN
Biblical high priest 5 Letters ANNAS
Compass pt 3 Letters NNE
Stretch of land 5 Letters TRACT
Bering Sea diving bird 3 Letters AUK
In need of ___ (tired) 5 Letters AREST
Peace group (2 words) 13 Letters
Metric weight 4 Letters KILO
Start of an ode’s title 3 Letters TOA
Gun org 3 Letters NRA
Coach’s first name on Cheers 5 Letters ERNIE
Thank you — much! 6 Letters EVERSO
Telepathic power 3 Letters ESP
Co subdivision 3 Letters TWP
Alma___ (annual book of facts) 3 Letters NAC
Salome’s seven in opera 5 Letters VEILS
Photo(Eurasian shrubs) 6 Letters LILACS
Bugs Bunny is a ___ey Tunes cartoon 4 Letters LOON
Prevent legally 5 Letters ESTOP
Biblical verb with thou 4 Letters DOST
Museo hanging 4 Letters ARTE
Sn___hat is a very popular app for taking selfies 3 Letters APC
Japanese instrument 4 Letters KOTO
Gold fineness meas 3 Letters KTS
Yours and mine 4 Letters OURS
USN policemen 3 Letters SPS
:I was blind but now I ___ 3 Letters SEE
Musical symbol 3 Letters DOT
Key contraction 3 Letters OER
___-80 (old Radio Shack computer) 3 Letters TRS
Get past the worst point 13 Letters
Eagle grippers 6 Letters TALONS
Health coverage under contract (abbr) 3 Letters HMO
Photo(Friends guy) 4 Letters ROSS
Mexican Mrs 3 Letters SRA

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