Crossword Champ Daily August 7 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Daily August 7 2022 Answers:

Talking mouse of TV TOPO
Blow the whistle TELL
Missouri River tribe OTOE
Unpolluted PURE
Grunting sounds of a pig OINKS
River of central Europe ODER
Word with pan or paint OIL
A wee bit in Edinburgh DRAP
No trouble EASE
Home Depot promotes it DIY
Machine used in processing industries DIGESTER
Like Mendelssohn’s Italian Symphony INA
Meas of passing offense YDS
Small handbag ETUI
End of a requiem title IRAE
Haryana locale (Abbr) IND
Desolate LORN
Gambling mecca (2 words) LASVEGAS
Night preceding Christmas EVE
Vichyssoise vegetables LEEKS
US Labor Day month (abbr) SEP
Annoying problem PEEVE
Cambodian coin SEN
Billionth in front NANO
Plant again RESOW
Gulf war ally OMAN
Uncontrolled WILD
Polloi leader HOI
Red ___ HOTS
(___ cloud that surrounds the Sun) OORT
Like some forces INERTIAL
Medicare add-on PARTB
Collide: c___h RAS
Mattel subsidiary TYCO
Nuke in 1979 news TMI
Ball or bass ending OON
Negative vote NAY
Suffix with arbor or ether EAL
Three in Tivoli TRE
(Robert ___: German industrialist inventor) BOSCH
Loose jacket BANIAN
Like Tabasco sauce HOT
Pt of a boxing match RND
Thin grooves STRIA
Birth control option (abbr) IUD
Paper and pencil game winner OOO
Word with limits or space OUTER
Tweaked TUNED
Witty Bombeck ERMA
Up to DOIN
Pergamum denizens TURKS
(Mixed-hair horse) ROAN
Polynesian beverage KAVA
Sega Genesis competitor in brief SNES
Football field GRIDIRON
Batting statistics (abbr) RBI
Sta___till: halt NDS
Come ___ end (finish) TOAN
Org for arguers ABA
In the center of AMID
Roof overhang EAVE
Rapper ___ Kim LIL
Namesakes of a Bobbsey NANS
Transfer and messenger molecules RNAS

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