Crossword Champ Daily August 6 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Daily August 6 2022 Answers:

Fix up the lawn RESOD
Cheerleaders’ cries RAHS
Genesis twin ESAU
Bartender’s direction STIR
___ the ramparts we watched OER
Battery type DRYCELL
Zipped file format RAR
Opposite of disassociate RELATE
Copy like a monkey APE
Sewed together swiftly RANUP
UN body ILO
Surgical cut INCISION
Meadow LEA
Alley ___! OOP
Michaelmas daisy ASTER
Environment watching US org (abbr) EPA
Prefix meaning new rhymes with Leo NEO
Hirsute HAIRY
Cause of a shot in the dark? LENSCAP
___-Foy Que STE
California’s Big ___ SUR
Jefferson Davis’s govt CSA
His feast day is April 11 STLEO
Use in prescriptions UTI
Small paving stone (Var) SETT
Look or must adjunct SEE
Crop attackers PESTS
Ca___ct causes blurred vision TARA
Sega Genesis competitor in brief SNES
Drove away REPELLED
Invitation inits RSVP
Roster closer briefly ETAL
Former Red leader PETEROSE
Gave out DEALT
___ Mckellen (English actor) IAN
RNC chairman Michael STEELE
Italian auto maker Bugatti ETTORE
Sounds of gaiety TRALALA
Malaysian export TIN
Industrial-size container VAT
Small wind instruments OCARINAS
Cookie ___ (used to trim out shapes) CUTTER
The great unwashed PLEBS
Giant image projected in the sky over Gotham BAT
Puff up SWELL
___-Ude (Trans-Siberian Railroad city) ULAN
Damp and chilly RAW
End result? (Abbr) TTL
Minuscule in Dundee SMA
Greek portico STOA
German novelist Thomas ___ MANN
War god ARES
Remonstrate PROTEST
Golf tour PGA
Rural rtes RDS
The comical Caesar SID
Fragrant rose oil ATTAR
Rolodex no TEL
Department Store inventory (abbr) GDS
Deception HOAX
Sierra _____ (African nation) LEONE
Ending for an enzyme ASE
Pres or CEO eg LDR
Alda et al ALANS

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