Crossword Champ Daily August 19 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Daily August 19 2022 Answers:

Former Brooklyn pitcher LOES
Jar closers LIDS
Repeated interjection in the Rolling Stones’ Miss You OOOH
Envelope that comes back to you SAE
Bos taurus COW
Firm bosses CEOS
Horse handler OSTLER
Like early-morning hours WEE
Casting need REEL
Picture puzzle REBUS
Carbon compound ENOL
Roster ender ETAL
Add-on for Congo LESE
Home of the Gaels in college sports IONA
Compass direction ESE
German duck ENTE
Pigeon house DOVECOTE
Scoundrel RAT
Feathery scarves BOAS
___ Loves You SHE
(Visual communication system (abbr)) ASL
Machine-made net TULLE
Asian weight unit TAEL
Directed rhymes with bed LED
Dutch city NW of Arnheim EDE
Some flight data ETAS
NippleMammilla TEAT
Like an eel or snake APOD
___ disadvantage ATA
Infected tissue fluid PUS
Indigenous Canadian tribe CREE
Laundromat need COIN
Roman numeral for three hundred CCC
Fever blister COLDSORE
Middle man in the NFL CTR
Condensed coppers CTS
___ Honey (Van Morrison song) TUPELO
Doctor’s helpers (abbr) LPNS
Author taught by Thoreau ALCOTT
Pres Davis led it CSA
(Slow patient animal) ASS
Troy actor Brad PITT
Writing pad TABLET
Some cameras for short SLRS
___ and the King of Siam ANNA
Leftward nautically APORT
Walk softly PAD
Animal at home PET
Slowly flows out SEEPS
(Free-swimming tunicate) SALP
Summers in Montreal ETES
Inverness uncles EMES
Wheat in Dijon BLE
(Jay ___: American comedian and TV host) LENO
Device between cable and TV STB
Highchair feature TRAY
Barbara to friends BABS
Sphere’s leader ATMO
Cornucopia PLETHORA
UPS delivery PKG
Inflation initials HCL
Gaze in an unpleasant way LEER
Actor Watanabe KEN
(Multi-legged being) CRAB
Furtive summons PSST
1960s sports car GTO
Pastures LEYS

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