Crossword Champ Daily August 13 2022 Answers

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Crossword Champ Daily August 13 2022 Answers:

Bee ___ Dee CEE
___ surprised as you are! IMAS
Dull color MATT
Haggis ingredient SUET
Knives and forks for example UTENSILS
R___e: recycle EUS
Game-winning cry TTT
Known before marriage as NEE
Stick something PASTE
Facilitate EASE
Egyptian boy king TUT
Jon of TV’s UC: Undercover SEDA
Popular record company/compilation AWARE
South Asian buzzard TESA
Major American time zones are PST MST CST & ___ EST
Mental keenness WITS
Suffix with serpent INE
Ham to Noah SON
Missouri inhabitant OSAGE
Hatfields or McCoys CLAN
Integral course informally CALC
Son of Anakin and Padme LUKE
Made disorderly MESSED
Put ___ your mailing list MEON
Outback birds EMUS
Clock setting inits DST
Honoree in the arts LAUREATE
Muumuu accessory LEI
Most suitable: perf___ ECT
Measures in printing ENS
Contemporary Indian novelist RAO
___ chi TAI
Riv boat STR
Social insurance program in the USA (abbr) SSA
Colorado hrs MST
Skin rashes: ___gy ALLER
California’s ___ Valley SIMI
Brushed aside SLIGHTED
Street in New York’s Chinatown MOTT
Word with the M-G-M lion ARS
___ Maria liqueur TIA
Shoots for the target AIMS
Sommer in the cinema ELKE
Kia model RIO
Eat too much GLUT
Frozen dessert BOMBE
___ Fernando Valley SAN
Scrollwork shape ESS
(Shades of love) REDS
Sound of satisfaction AAAH
Glory or maid preceder OLD
As late as TILL
Turner of TV channels TED
Honshu river OTA
Bargain DEAL
Clock faces DIALS
Painter Nolde EMIL
Tobago’s companion TRINIDAD
Orr’s orbit: abbr NHL
Compendium DIGEST
Ocean vessel SHIP
Dish of leftovers HASH
King’s inits HRH
___ pepper BELL
Foundations BASES
NY times (Abbr) ESTS

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