Best Free Themed Crossword September 28 2021 Answers

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Best Free Themed Crossword September 28 2021 Answers:

Aspirin initials 3 letters ASA
Dinghies doggers and dories 5 letters BOATS
Photo finish? 5 letters MATTE
Hook line and sinker go-with 3 letters ROD
Printing prefix with graph 5 letters LITHO
Thank goodness ___ only a dream 5 letters ITWAS
Magazine about an angry Mick Jagger? 15 letters MADROLLINGSTONE
Catch my drift? 5 letters YKNOW
Following the proper order 6 letters INTURN
Fifth mo. with 31 days 3 letters AUG
Much touted leafy green 4 letters KALE
Old TV monitor 3 letters CRT
Magazine about a Tory ex-Prime Minister’s beauty techniques? 14 letters HARPERSGLAMOUR
Blue Jays on a scoreboard 3 letters TOR
Prefix with -natal 3 letters NEO
Fishing competition 5 letters DERBY
Made use of 7 letters AVAILED
Stocking with holes? 7 letters FISHNET
Word of thanks au Québec 5 letters MERCI
Terminal for reunions at YVR 3 letters ARR
Ambient music writer and U2 producer 3 letters ENO
Magazine for high-living hedonistic dads? 14 letters PLAYBOYPARENTS
Winter hours in P.E.I. 3 letters AST
Touché sayer’s sword 4 letters EPEE
___-pitch softball 3 letters SLO
Mechanic’s black mark 6 letters GREASE
Spitting beast 5 letters LLAMA
Magazine about folks who live among tusked marine mammals? 15 letters THEWALRUSPEOPLE
Bachman’s radio show ___ Tap 5 letters VINYL
Pop by 5 letters NIPIN
Madam’s mate in a letter 3 letters SIR
Does a first edit say 5 letters SCANS
They make your eyelids heavy 5 letters STYES
Skeleton appendage? 3 letters EXO
Salvation ___ 4 letters ARMY
Take a long bath 4 letters SOAK
Bldg. extension 4 letters ADDN
Lose one’s cool 6 letters BLOWUP
Dipstick liquid 3 letters OIL
Hun king in Scandinavian lore 4 letters ATLI
Consider to be true 7 letters THINKSO
Novelist Susan of The Volcano Lover 6 letters SONTAG
Interprets incorrectly 8 letters MISREADS
This msg. intended for: 4 letters ATTN
II on the Peace Tower 3 letters TWO
Get gold? 3 letters TAN
Ending with Japan or Taiwan 3 letters ESE
Burn heartily as a campfire 4 letters ROAR
Marina bird 4 letters GULL
It may make your hair curl 4 letters GENE
Bugle-like brass 6 letters CORNET
Flemish painter of The Fall of the Damned 6 letters RUBENS
Please ___ see it my way 5 letters TRYTO
Ramshackle shacks 6 letters HOVELS
Where Noah disembarked 6 letters ARARAT
Too long in the sun clearly 3 letters RED
Coulda bin better 3 letters MEH
Bay city of Florida 5 letters TAMPA
Needing salt maybe 3 letters ICY
Trudeau touters 8 letters LIBERALS
Brother to Italian monks 3 letters FRA
Some flawed goods: Abbr. 4 letters IRRS
King Kong actor’s wardrobe item 7 letters APESUIT
Autobahn auto 4 letters OPEL
Aches (for) 6 letters YEARNS
DeGeneres and others 6 letters ELLENS
___ contendre (legally I am unwilling to contend) 4 letters NOLO
Sir John A. Macdonald biographer Richard ___ 4 letters GWYN
Catch sight of 4 letters ESPY
Cathedral nook 4 letters APSE
Caesar’s 1059 4 letters MLIX
Bubbly chocolate bar 4 letters AERO
Remote targets 3 letters TVS
Scare me sayer’s sound 3 letters HIC
Bambi doe 3 letters ENA
Trivial Pursuit game piece 3 letters PIE

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