Best Free Themed Crossword September 24 2021 Answers

If you are searching for: Best Free Themed Crossword September 24 2021 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Best Free Themed Crossword September 24 2021 Answers:

Guacamole or hummus 3 letters DIP
Prepare potatoes perhaps 4 letters MASH
Make an afghan 4 letters KNIT
Beloved Jedi master 4 letters YODA
Cast Away setting 4 letters ISLE
Hosiery hue 5 letters BEIGE
All square 4 letters EVEN
Trade punches 4 letters SPAR
Synthetic fabric 5 letters ORLON
*AL team in the northwest 15 letters SEATTLEMARINERS
Coop resident 3 letters HEN
The A in IPA 3 letters ALE
Took an apartment 6 letters RENTED
Sweetie 3 letters HON
Shane star 4 letters LADD
Off-white 5 letters IVORY
Impudent 5 letters SAUCY
Apiary resident 3 letters BEE
*Prokofiev’s classic children’s story 15 letters PETERANDTHEWOLF
Bard’s before 3 letters ERE
Touches up text 5 letters EDITS
Purple shade 5 letters MAUVE
Wall Street inits. 4 letters NYSE
Wall St. debut shortly 3 letters IPO
One sending a cell phone message 6 letters TEXTER
Golf ball position 3 letters LIE
It comes with a charge 3 letters ION
*Seriously?!?! 15 letters AREYOUKIDDINGME
Beefy entrée 5 letters ROAST
Neighborhood 4 letters AREA
Elvis’s middle name 4 letters ARON
Befuddled 5 letters ATSEA
Shopper’s aid 4 letters LIST
Run amok 4 letters RIOT
Head to Henri 4 letters TETE
Spanish direction 4 letters ESTE
The initial sounds of the starred entries in clue order give you this lifesaving skill 3 letters CPR
Peacenik 4 letters DOVE
Brainchild 4 letters IDEA
Huff and puff 4 letters PANT
Deceived 6 letters MISLED
Colorado skiing mecca 5 letters ASPEN
Bridge feat 4 letters SLAM
Wife of Zeus 4 letters HERA
Bit of wheat 6 letters KERNEL
Cairo’s river 4 letters NILE
Composer Stravinsky 4 letters IGOR
Perfect scores 4 letters TENS
For sure! 3 letters YES
Recipe direction 4 letters BOIL
___ baaack!: Poltergeist II 6 letters THEYRE
House style 5 letters RANCH
Turn red perhaps 5 letters RIPEN
Each and ___ 5 letters EVERY
Things passed in class 5 letters NOTES
Uno + due 3 letters TRE
Was obliged 5 letters HADTO
Scoreboard number 4 letters OUTS
Approximately 5 letters ABOUT
Dig (into) 5 letters DELVE
Put off 5 letters DEFER
Scissors sound 4 letters SNIP
Red Sea dweller 6 letters YEMENI
Farewell 5 letters ADIEU
Paraffin 3 letters WAX
French president’s residence 6 letters ELYSEE
Thus far 6 letters TODATE
Letter before kappa 4 letters IOTA
That is in Latin 5 letters IDEST
Eek! follower 4 letters ARAT
Learning style 4 letters ROTE
Down ___ (Maine) 4 letters EAST
Curly cabbage 4 letters KALE
Blue flag 4 letters IRIS
D.E.A. agent shortly 4 letters NARC
If you’re losing it you need to get one 4 letters GRIP
Drop anchor 4 letters MOOR
Tolkien creature 3 letters ENT

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