Best Free Themed Crossword September 23 2022 Answers

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Best Free Themed Crossword September 23 2022 Answers:

1700 4 letters MDCC
Small ape? 5 letters CHIMP
Play start 4 letters ACTI
Hebrew month of Purim 4 letters ADAR
Strong natural fiber of East Asia 5 letters RAMIE
Certain college student 4 letters COED
Classic Harold Lloyd comedy 10 letters SAFETYLAST
Syngman ___ first president of South Korea 4 letters RHEE
The aardwolf is one 5 letters HYENA
They are animated 8 letters CARTOONS
Last word in warnings 4 letters ELSE
First name of Mayberry troublemaker 6 letters ERNEST
It has multiple lanes 12 letters BOWLINGALLEY
Ottoman Empire bigwig 3 letters AGA
Garlic sauce 5 letters AIOLI
Adjective with beer or potatoes 5 letters SMALL
Montego or Monterey familiarly 4 letters MERC
Put in a heap (with up) 5 letters PILED
Get lost! 4 letters SCAT
Fable guy 5 letters AESOP
Not short stories for sure 5 letters SAGAS
Fashion-influencing subculture 3 letters MOD
Closet 12 letters CLOTHESPRESS
Relative of dogs 6 letters JACKAL
Branch of Islam 4 letters SHIA
Hit-or-miss 8 letters ATRANDOM
Brilliance 5 letters ECLAT
Marine battalion providing surface-to-air weapons fires initially 4 letters LAAD
Co-founder of the Black Panther Party 10 letters BOBBYSEALE
Four time Grammy winner India ___ 4 letters ARIE
Having wings 5 letters ALATE
Bearing 4 letters MIEN
They may follow the opening word of 17- 27- 48- and 63-Across 4 letters PINS
Prepare for a road trip 5 letters GASUP
Formerly formerly 4 letters ERST
It may be sour 4 letters MASH
June 6 1944 4 letters DDAY
Beanery 4 letters CAFE
Part of a castle’s battlement 6 letters CRENEL
Tear up 3 letters CRY
Prince or David 3 letters HAL
Apple choice 4 letters IMAC
___ Amane (character in manga series Death Note) 4 letters MISA
Sea bird 6 letters PETREL
Sonar and radar 8 letters ACRONYMS
Small salmon: alternate spelling 5 letters COHOE
Most new drivers 5 letters TEENS
That is 5 letters IDEST
Shire in Rocky 5 letters TALIA
___ leches cake 4 letters TRES
Impertinent person 4 letters SNIP
Self-important one 6 letters EGOIST
UA familiarly 4 letters BAMA
Type of arch 4 letters OGEE
Conflicts 4 letters WARS
God of Muslim religion 5 letters ALLAH
Feudal lords 6 letters LIEGES
Wile E. Coyote’s supplier 4 letters ACME
Asian country 4 letters LAOS
Former Fords 4 letters LTDS
Ornaments worn as badges 8 letters COCKADES
Slap or mad follower 4 letters DASH
A or B may follow it 4 letters PLAN
Eyes stealthily 5 letters SPIES
Ill-tempered woman 6 letters OLDBAG
Type of inflorescence bearing pedicellate flowers as a mustard plant 6 letters RACEME
Medicinal purgative root of a Mexican climbing plant 5 letters JALAP
Video game pioneer 5 letters ATARI
Actress Jeanne 5 letters CRAIN
La may follow it 4 letters OOLA
CEOs’ pedigrees 4 letters MBAS
Den 4 letters LAIR
Some are pale 4 letters ALES
Shelter 4 letters TENT
Measure of heat familiarly 3 letters BTU
Informal affirmative 3 letters YEP

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