Best Free Themed Crossword October 23 2021 Answers

If you are searching for: Best Free Themed Crossword October 23 2021 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Best Free Themed Crossword October 23 2021 Answers:

Opening quatrain of Elizabethan sonnets 4 letters ABAB
Part of NAACP 4 letters ASSN
Form of virus 5 letters PHAGE
Opposite of e’er 4 letters NEER
You once 4 letters THEE
Shield of Athena 5 letters AEGIS
To be (French) 4 letters ETRE
Lothario’s forte 4 letters LINE
Take away by force 5 letters WREST
Gripe about a restaurant’s service? 12 letters WHINEANDDINE
Kind of chair 5 letters SEDAN
Fairy tale start 4 letters ONCE
Sphere opening 3 letters BIO
Book about making pickles? 12 letters ARTOFTHEDILL
Robin’s Mork and Mindy costar 3 letters PAM
Word after gold or before spring 4 letters LEAF
Newspaper page 4 letters OPED
Examiner 7 letters ANALYST
Rock-clinging mollusk 7 letters ABALONE
Scotch partner 4 letters SODA
City of Yemen 4 letters ADEN
___ Spiegel 3 letters DER
Police assignments at an Ivy League? 12 letters HARVARDBEATS
Certification for vehicle mechanics initially 3 letters ASE
Palindromic legal document 4 letters DEED
Range in Dr. Zhivago 5 letters URALS
Juarez sport? 12 letters GOLFOFMEXICO
Chips in cookies 5 letters CAROB
Melville novel 4 letters OMOO
Persian polymath Khayyam 4 letters OMAR
Love deeply 5 letters ADORE
___ geschehen (You’re welcome: German) 4 letters GERN
Blue hue 4 letters NILE
Maneuvers related to spins and rolls 5 letters LOOPS
Bad mood 4 letters SNIT
Stern’s opposite 4 letters STEM
Fresh 4 letters ANEW
Hebrew letters 5 letters BETHS
Mountain home 5 letters AERIE
Starr or Lee 6 letters BRENDA
Supporting columns shaped like men 8 letters ATLANTES
Leg part 4 letters SHIN
Farewell party 7 letters SENDOFF
Don’t have to 6 letters NEEDNT
Central Plains tribe 6 letters PAWNEE
Partner of now 4 letters HERE
Iron or bronze e.g. 3 letters AGE
U.S. soldiers 3 letters GIS
It’s superlative 3 letters EST
___ to bed … wise 5 letters EARLY
Nasty-sounding aquarium problem 3 letters ICH
Rifle attachment 5 letters BIPOD
Woods who voiced the original Disney Cinderella 5 letters ILENE
Supposedly wiser 5 letters OLDER
Morsel for Dobbin 3 letters OAT
Part of U.S. cabinet 3 letters DOL
Ottoman Empire title 5 letters PASHA
Dwarf buffalos 5 letters ANOAS
Pablo’s mother 5 letters MADRE
Small bathroom 3 letters LAV
Citrus quaff 3 letters ADE
Hugh who played Ward Cleaver 8 letters BEAUMONT
Cavern 5 letters ANTRE
Belly 7 letters ABDOMEN
Some brick buildings 6 letters ADOBES
Prot. or Cath. e.g. 3 letters REL
Removes condensed moisture 6 letters DEFOGS
Early Germanic tribe 6 letters SAXONS
Utmost extent 5 letters LIMIT
Balance 5 letters SCALE
Hiker’s snack 4 letters GORP
___ know the plans… (Jeremiah 29: 11) 4 letters FORI
City near Provo 4 letters OREM
Silent prez 3 letters CAL
Word in a Shakespeare title 3 letters ADO
Fictional joey 3 letters ROO

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