Best Free Themed Crossword October 21 2021 Answers

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Best Free Themed Crossword October 21 2021 Answers:

Completely wrecks the wheels 6 letters TOTALS
Drifting bit of smoke 4 letters WISP
Three-item Subway sub 3 letters BMT
Shortly shortly 6 letters INASEC
Davis’s drooling dog 4 letters ODIE
___ Speedwagon 3 letters REO
My lips are sealed in a convent? 11 letters NUNSTHEWORD
H-shaped Greek letter 3 letters ETA
___ silly question … 4 letters ASKA
CBC film critic Glasner 3 letters ELI
Nervous polygraph testees maybe 5 letters LIARS
High-visibility coat that’s less effective? 12 letters DIMMERJACKET
Yucatán year 3 letters ANO
Add-ons to would or wanna 3 letters BES
Buenos ___ 5 letters AIRES
Birthing assistant 5 letters DOULA
Sis or bro 3 letters SIB
Maid of the ___ (Niagara Falls boat) 4 letters MIST
Harley-riding grannies? 15 letters MOTORCYCLENANAS
Viking cheers and a vodka brand 4 letters SKOL
Whad’ja say? 3 letters HUH
Like a brew pub’s brew 5 letters ONTAP
Dance wildly say 5 letters FLAIL
Where did ___ wrong? 3 letters IGO
Maternity ward VIPs 3 letters OBS
Web-surfing goose of Hawaii? 12 letters INTERNETNENE
They may be over one’s head 5 letters HOODS
New newt 3 letters EFT
Some diag. tests 4 letters MRIS
Kwik-E-Mart owner of TV 3 letters APU
Like an ecstatic silent performer? 11 letters ONCLOUDMIME
Big mo. for calendar sales 3 letters DEC
Young with an Old Man song 4 letters NEIL
Mental makeup 6 letters PSYCHE
E-cigarette’s lack 3 letters ASH
Alter as public opinion 4 letters SWAY
Already? 6 letters SOSOON
Funny Fey 4 letters TINA
Legal responsibility 4 letters ONUS
Bomb bigtime 4 letters TANK
Equally tearjerking 5 letters ASSAD
Cave to cajolement maybe 3 letters LET
It’s usually a bad idea 6 letters SCHEME
Cry of wide-eyed wonder 5 letters WOWIE
It’s just what ___ 3 letters IDO
Knight’s address 3 letters SIR
One with wares to sell 6 letters PEDLAR
Belts out suddenly with song 10 letters BREAKSINTO
Just over a yard 5 letters METRE
Brown bread? 5 letters TOAST
Shady street liners 4 letters ELMS
One with a cool delivery once 6 letters ICEMAN
Flanged support beam 4 letters IBAR
Oil transport option 4 letters RAIL
Be in line with 4 letters JIBE
Top naval ranks: Abbr. 4 letters ADMS
Snug spot for breakfast 4 letters NOOK
Not up on the latest 10 letters OUTOFTOUCH
Hung out in a hammock 6 letters LOLLED
Principal bldg.? 3 letters SCH
Maker of Seinfeld’s car 4 letters SAAB
5-ml. measures 4 letters TSPS
Big part of a Brian Mulroney caricature 4 letters CHIN
Festive tide 4 letters YULE
Hands-up time? 4 letters NOON
Results of a burning desire? 6 letters ARSONS
The deets 4 letters INFO
Outlandish outfits 6 letters GETUPS
If ___ million dollars … 5 letters IHADA
Casual refusals 5 letters NOPES
London tube? 5 letters TELLY
U.S. TV awards 5 letters EMMYS
Like a moneybags in Mexico 4 letters RICO
POV prelude in texts 4 letters IMHO
Like a satisfied attention-seeker 4 letters SEEN
Freshly-hired 3 letters NEW
U.S. counterpart to CSIS 3 letters CIA
U.K. mil. honour 3 letters DSO

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