Best Free Themed Crossword November 28 2022 Answers

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Best Free Themed Crossword November 28 2022 Answers:

Stitched clothing line 4 letters SEAM
Kind of engineer or service 5 letters CIVIL
Mischievous kids 4 letters IMPS
___ San Lucas (Mexican resort) 4 letters CABO
Gladiator’s battleground 5 letters ARENA
Circular coaster feature 4 letters LOOP
Tiny particle 4 letters ATOM
My heavens! 5 letters LORDY
Damn Yankees seductress 4 letters LOLA
Thrifty or Budget offering (2 wds) 9 letters RENTALCAR
Express verbally 5 letters UTTER
Air-conditioning gas 5 letters FREON
Bane of teenagers 4 letters ACNE
Carousel locale (2 wds) 12 letters BAGGAGECLAIM
Cabernet or merlot 4 letters WINE
You’ve got mail co. 3 letters AOL
Like ocean water 6 letters SALINE
___ Beso (That Kiss!): Anka hit 3 letters ESO
Frames of mind 5 letters MOODS
Booker T’s group 3 letters MGS
Saloon bill (2 wds) 6 letters BARTAB
Ladders to Fire novelist Anais 3 letters NIN
En route by ship 4 letters ASEA
Request at the gate (2 wds) 12 letters BOARDINGPASS
It must’ve been something ___ (2 wds) 4 letters IATE
Little Pigs count 5 letters THREE
Tabloid figure for short 5 letters CELEB
Place with lots of hacks (2 wds) 9 letters TAXISTAND
Was sorry about 4 letters RUED
Buddies 5 letters CHUMS
Carnival attraction 4 letters RIDE
Jason’s mythical ship 4 letters ARGO
Blossom piece 5 letters PETAL
X ___ xylophone (2 wds) 4 letters ASIN
Deck officer for short (Anagram of SNOB – hopefully they aren’t one!) 4 letters BOSN
Stood up 5 letters AROSE
Strong desires (for Japanese currency perhaps?) 4 letters YENS
Winter wrap 5 letters SCARF
Buffet patron 5 letters EATER
…to fetch her poor dog ___ (2 wds) 5 letters ABONE
One with an inner child? (3 wds) 7 letters MOMTOBE
Ring up 4 letters CALL
— -Z (old Camaro) 4 letters IROC
Aloe ___ (houseplant) 4 letters VERA
How Hoffman played Tootsie (2 wds) 6 letters INDRAG
Install as bricks 3 letters LAY
Threat to tattle (2 wds) 7 letters ILLTELL
Irrelevant as a point 4 letters MOOT
Barbershop emblem 4 letters POLE
Fight a few practice rounds 4 letters SPAR
Wheel of Fortune purchase (2 wds) 3 letters ANA
Donald to Huey and Louie 4 letters UNCA
Corporate jet manufacturer 6 letters CESSNA
Carefully considered strategy (as in chess) 6 letters GAMBIT
When repeated early baby sounds 3 letters GOO
Get ___ Little Dogies 5 letters ALONG
Sets one’s sights on 4 letters AIMS
Picnic Pulitzer-winner William 4 letters INGE
Flat-topped Southwestern hill 4 letters MESA
Dragnet creator and star Jack 4 letters WEBB
Aoki of the World Golf Hall of Fame 4 letters ISAO
Sleepless in Seattle director Ephron 4 letters NORA
Elegant dance floor move 3 letters DIP
Checked for fit as clothes (2 wds) 7 letters TRIEDON
Just ___ (small amount as of hair gel) (2 wds) 4 letters ADAB
Nice place for your butt (2 wds) 7 letters ASHTRAY
___ regions (underworld) 6 letters NETHER
Map lines: Abbr. 3 letters STS
Employee’s reward 5 letters RAISE
There’s no ___ sight!’ (when will this stop??) (2 wds) 5 letters ENDIN
Heavenly spots 5 letters EDENS
Crawling crustacean 4 letters CRAB
Coin of many countries 4 letters EURO
Octopus’ octet 4 letters LEGS
Garage occupant 4 letters AUTO
Santa’s holiday for short 4 letters XMAS
Cruise stopover 4 letters ISLE
Auditing firm hiree for short 3 letters CPA

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