Best Free Themed Crossword November 27 2021 Answers

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Best Free Themed Crossword November 27 2021 Answers:

Edna Ferber novel 5 letters SOBIG
Years and years 4 letters AGES
Surrealist Salvador 4 letters DALI
Make amends (for) 5 letters ATONE
Defense acronym 4 letters NATO
Major disturbance 4 letters RIOT
SpongeBob’s place of employment 10 letters KRUSTYKRAB
Compulsion 4 letters URGE
Grab a sandwich 3 letters EAT
Showy flower 4 letters LILY
Kidnapper’s demand 6 letters RANSOM
Make do 4 letters COPE
Lyme disease vector 4 letters TICK
Pressure 6 letters STRESS
Make-believe 8 letters PRETENSE
One-time Senator Lott 5 letters TRENT
Café au ___ 4 letters LAIT
Reply to the Little Red Hen 4 letters NOTI
Em to Dorothy 4 letters AUNT
Make good on a debt 5 letters REPAY
Neighbor of Sudan 4 letters CHAD
At no time poetically 4 letters NEER
List-ending abbr. 4 letters ETAL
Identical 5 letters ALIKE
Horrendous 8 letters DREADFUL
Lunar feature 6 letters CRATER
Circular path 4 letters LOOP
Rich soil 4 letters LOAM
Big part of Ursa Major 6 letters DIPPER
Door fastener 4 letters HASP
Office session shortly 3 letters MTG
Not engaged 4 letters IDLE
The Simpsons watering hole 10 letters MOESTAVERN
Caboose 4 letters REAR
Stately trees 4 letters ELMS
Hebrew prophet 5 letters HOSEA
Aquarium 4 letters TANK
Bank take-back 4 letters REPO
Beginning 5 letters ONSET
Rice wine 4 letters SAKE
Another: Span. 4 letters OTRA
Boxing match 4 letters BOUT
___ and outs 3 letters INS
Beat it! 7 letters GETLOST
Frequent sprain site 5 letters ANKLE
The Far Side cartoonist Larson 4 letters GARY
In-flight info for short 3 letters ETA
AA member’s goal 8 letters SOBRIETY
Family Guy watering hole 11 letters DRUNKENCLAM
Broadcasts 4 letters AIRS
Corporate image 4 letters LOGO
News bit 4 letters ITEM
Puppy sounds 4 letters YIPS
Tread the boards 3 letters ACT
Friends coffeehouse 11 letters CENTRALPERK
Legal proceeding 5 letters TRIAL
Eatery on the street 5 letters STAND
More faithful 5 letters TRUER
Zellweger of Jerry Maguire 5 letters RENEE
Re. the head of the Catholic Church 5 letters PAPAL
Like seven Nolan Ryan outings 5 letters NOHIT
Bad bet for a vampire? 5 letters STAKE
Sea duck 5 letters EIDER
Eased off 5 letters LETUP
One devoted to bringing about change 8 letters REFORMER
Great Plains tribe 7 letters ARAPAHO
Forest female 3 letters DOE
Expense 4 letters COST
Dogie catcher 5 letters LASSO
Gossip 4 letters DIRT
Brainchild 4 letters IDEA
Hatch a plot 4 letters PLAN
CBD source 4 letters HEMP
Predicament 4 letters MESS
Ailanthus or ash 4 letters TREE
No-see-um 4 letters GNAT
Bravo! 3 letters OLE
Wernher ___ Braun 3 letters VON

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