Best Free Themed Crossword November 22 2020 Answers

If you are searching for: Best Free Themed Crossword November 22 2020 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Best Free Themed Crossword November 22 2020 Answers:

Crack 6 letters DECODE
Relinquish 4 letters CEDE
___ d… 3 letters ABC
Made up for 6 letters ATONED
Paradise 4 letters EDEN
Maker of the Flying Cloud and Royale 3 letters REO
Former Borg drone 11 letters SEVENOFNINE
Ravine 3 letters GAP
Wallach in Baby Doll 3 letters ELI
___ Bitsy Spider 4 letters ITSY
Adriatic Sea port 4 letters BARI
Son of Prince Valiant 3 letters ARN
Of large quantities 5 letters MACRO
Far from a petty criminal 5 letters FELON
Show the way 4 letters LEAD
Odo is one 10 letters CHANGELING
More than a few 4 letters MANY
Business card abbr. 3 letters TEL
City official: abbr. 3 letters ALD
Apollo’s twin 7 letters ARTEMIS
Cut away 7 letters ABLATED
Beat place 3 letters WIN
Regress 3 letters EBB
Spiritual energy in Polynesian belief 4 letters MANA
Quark’s homeworld 10 letters FERENGINAR
Send out 4 letters EMIT
Felt compassion 5 letters ACHED
Squelched 5 letters SATON
___ Vinelander: Vladimir Nabokov character 3 letters ADA
Rode a sled 4 letters SLID
Capital of Togo 4 letters LOME
Start of familiar prayer 3 letters OUR
Half a dance 3 letters CAN
Everyone calls him Chief 11 letters MILESOBRIEN
Ike’s WW II command 3 letters ETO
2550 4 letters MMDL
Stern 6 letters FLINTY
Lottery org. 3 letters SSS
Springfield tavern 4 letters MOES
Boston Red Sox anthem 6 letters TESSIE
German article 3 letters DAS
Summer on the Seine 3 letters ETE
Compact 8 letters COVENANT
Scott Turow book 4 letters ONEL
Cotton fabric 5 letters DENIM
Tokyo formerly 3 letters EDO
Essential 7 letters CENTRAL
New Jersey municipality 6 letters EDISON
Say it isn’t so 4 letters DENY
Organic compound suffix 3 letters ENE
Wild sheep 6 letters ARGALI
Apply to (something) 6 letters BEARON
Kind of saw 6 letters COPING
Sheets of flat film with micro images in brief 6 letters FICHES
Crone 7 letters BELDAME
Bibi Andersson’s role in Ingmar Bergman’s Persona 4 letters ALMA
Start of a Hitchcock title 4 letters REAR
On temporary assignment 6 letters ACTING
John Dickson Carr’s Dr. 4 letters FELL
Woodwaxen 7 letters DYEWEED
Coarse-grained igneous rock 6 letters GABBRO
Bothered by 4 letters MIND
Slows down 6 letters ABATES
Squirrel-sized monkeys 8 letters TAMARINS
Geraint’s love 4 letters ENID
Android on Star Trek: TNG 4 letters DATA
Canines’ coverings 7 letters ENAMELS
Ancient Roman symbol of power 6 letters FASCES
Dazzling displays 6 letters ECLATS
Pachyderms 6 letters RHINOS
Tristan and ___ 6 letters ISOLDE
My sire is of a ___ line… : Samuel Taylor Coleridge 5 letters NOBLE
Prom wheels 4 letters LIMO
Author of Topaz 4 letters URIS
Delish! 3 letters MMM
Frequently in poems 3 letters OFT
SETI’s quest 3 letters ETI
Comedic actor Louis 3 letters NYE

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