Best Free Themed Crossword May 9 2021 Answers

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Best Free Themed Crossword May 9 2021 Answers:

Letters on old Russian hockey jerseys 4 letters CCCP
Deep-six 5 letters SCRAP
Mmes. of Madrid 4 letters SRAS
It was ___ could do not to … 4 letters ALLI
Coeur d’___ Idaho 5 letters ALENE
Companion of circumstance 4 letters POMP
Essayist Francis in a frazzled state? 10 letters FRIEDBACON
Isn’t just borrowing 4 letters OWNS
White-collar worker? 6 letters PRIEST
Teary woman turned to stone in myth 5 letters NIOBE
Spiral as in a fingerprint 5 letters WHORL
What smells on poet Alexander? 9 letters POPESNOSE
Decked out 6 letters DONEUP
Painting and craft market 7 letters ARTFAIR
Peter Paul and Mary e.g.: Abbr. 3 letters STS
Roly-poly 5 letters TUBBY
H-shaped Greek letters 4 letters ETAS
Like a book with all of Birches poet’s works removed? 9 letters DEFROSTED
Roman emperor after Galba 4 letters OTHO
Amazon’s biz 5 letters ETAIL
Levy not charged in the N.W.T. 3 letters PST
Danced or dashed 7 letters BOOGIED
___ whites (teeth) 6 letters PEARLY
Essayist Charles’ lower limb? 9 letters LEGOFLAMB
Contenders 5 letters VIERS
Literature Nobelist Mario Vargas ___ 5 letters LLOSA
Connor McDavid’s hockey team 6 letters OILERS
Problem if you lose your wallet perhaps 4 letters NOID
Poet Ezra’s scribbled thoughts? 10 letters POUNDNOTES
There no more 4 letters GONE
Bah!-sayer’s look 5 letters SNEER
Winnipeg campus for short 4 letters UOFM
0 keypad letters 4 letters OPER
Right directions? 5 letters EASTS
Explosives initially 4 letters TNTS
Half-___ coffee 3 letters CAF
Shower head cleaner in TV ads 3 letters CLR
Easily donned bowties 7 letters CLIPONS
Trudeau who said Fuddle-duddle 6 letters PIERRE
Tonto’s Kemo ___ 4 letters SABE
Bracelet fastener 5 letters CLASP
Right-hand page of a book 5 letters RECTO
Span of 365 días 3 letters ANO
Happy Feet singer Fred 6 letters PENNER
Treated like a baby at dinnertime in a way 8 letters SPOONFED
Craft that goes gently down the stream 7 letters ROWBOAT
One reason to forget 7 letters AMNESIA
Bee contestant’s concerns: Abbr. 3 letters SPS
Make less stiff in a way 6 letters DILUTE
Studier of suffix 3 letters IST
Part of W.P.M: Abbr. 3 letters WDS
Cool paradoxically 3 letters HOT
___ visit (drops in on) 5 letters PAYSA
Ambulance destinations often 3 letters ERS
Buf-___ (facial sponge) 3 letters PUF
Dutch city close to Belgium 5 letters BREDA
CAPTCHA catch 3 letters BOT
Annoyingly altruistic type 8 letters DOGOODER
Change in a restaurant maybe 3 letters TIP
Not quite a dozen 6 letters ELEVEN
Sausage-shaped: Abbr. 3 letters OBL
Spinning skating jump 7 letters TOELOOP
Mark that a curling rock must cross 7 letters HOGLINE
Reform Party’s Manning 7 letters PRESTON
Camera type for short 3 letters SLR
Baseball’s Cobb and others 3 letters TYS
Uncertainties 3 letters IFS
Go by as time 6 letters ELAPSE
Open all the windows say 6 letters AIROUT
Pouty faces 5 letters MOUES
Intelligence studier Alfred 5 letters BINET
Mgrs. capts. P.M.s etc. 4 letters LDRS
… B-I-___ and Bingo was his … 3 letters NGO
Adam and Eve ___ raft (egg order) 3 letters ONA
New newt 3 letters EFT
Texting format in brief 3 letters SMS

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