Best Free Themed Crossword May 17 2023 Answers

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Best Free Themed Crossword May 17 2023 Answers:

_____ to go 5 letters RARIN
Parsley sage rosemary or thyme 4 letters HERB
Eponym of a tennis center in Queens NY 4 letters ASHE
Supreme Court Justice Kagan 5 letters ELENA
Toon teacher Krabappel 4 letters EDNA
Rapper/actor born Tracy Marrow 4 letters ICET
Chocolate caramel and nougat Bars 15 letters MILKYWAYANDMARS
Blood letters 3 letters ABO
_____ gratia artis 3 letters ARS
Offset as expenses 6 letters DEFRAY
Painter with a Blue Period 7 letters PICASSO
Consequently 4 letters ERGO
This is the dawning of the __________ (Lyric from Hair) 13 letters AGEOFAQUARIUS
Wicker material 6 letters RATTAN
Wine casks 4 letters TUNS
Italian way 3 letters VIA
Mayberry’s lovable lush 4 letters OTIS
Architect I.M. _____ 3 letters PEI
Limerick e.g. 4 letters POEM
Took the prize 3 letters WON
Top suits? 4 letters CEOS
What you can get from shouting 6 letters HOARSE
Show that showed the adventures of Sheldon Leonard Howard and Raj 13 letters BIGBANGTHEORY
Little army animals 4 letters ANTS
Doesn’t just hope for 7 letters EXPECTS
Bob or weave 6 letters HAIRDO
Big snit 3 letters IRE
Lode load 3 letters ORE
Titular disease of Crichton’s best selling novel 15 letters ANDROMEDASTRAIN
Eye irritation 4 letters STYE
Word after bar or before hop 4 letters BELL
Land features in many Roadrunner cartoons 5 letters MESAS
Stayed together 4 letters HELD
It often goes downhill fast 4 letters SLED
Basket fiber 5 letters ISTLE
Draw new state boundaries perhaps 5 letters REMAP
Story that TV detectives always see through 5 letters ALIBI
Going from here to there 10 letters RELOCATING
Liquid from a well 3 letters INK
I say thee ___ (Marvel’s Thor’s way of expressing disagreement) 3 letters NAY
Learn by accident 6 letters HEAROF
Breyer’s neighbor in the freezer section 4 letters EDYS
Genetic molecule initially 3 letters RNA
Wordplay puzzle for the title of a Paul McCartney and Wings hit 7 letters BANDRUN
Target 6 letters AIMFOR
Not-so-pleasant duel reminder 4 letters SCAR
Ares’ mother 4 letters HERA
Site for crafty people? 4 letters ETSY
Occupied a base on the diamond 5 letters WASON
Impressionist Edgar 5 letters DEGAS
10%-ers 4 letters AGTS
Aquaman’s home 3 letters SEA
Lateral beginning 4 letters EQUI
This is _____ of the emergency broadcast system. 5 letters ATEST
French speaking West African country 10 letters IVORYCOAST
Quick turnarounds 4 letters UIES
Dítto! 4 letters SAME
Where to find the second best seats in the house 4 letters ROWB
It’s yours in France 4 letters ATOI
Collectible caps from the 1990s 4 letters POGS
Peel 4 letters PARE
Optimistic attitude 5 letters CANDO
Places in a crypt 7 letters ENTOMBS
Puts the whammy on 5 letters HEXES
Alley ____ 3 letters OOP
Excluded permanently 6 letters BARRED
New York City’s _____ Square 6 letters HERALD
Court proceeding 5 letters TRIAL
Feel but not know 5 letters SENSE
____ mark LameClue for 51-D 4 letters HASH
Chip in? 4 letters ANTE
Bucolic verse 4 letters IDYL
Lazy Eric of Spamalot? 4 letters IDLE
Sinuous fish 3 letters EEL
La la la la la I don’t want to hear that! 3 letters TMI
Hi-_____ 3 letters RES

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