Best Free Themed Crossword May 15 2023 Answers

If you are searching for: Best Free Themed Crossword May 15 2023 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Best Free Themed Crossword May 15 2023 Answers:

Fabled storyteller 5 letters AESOP
Many a fund-raising event 4 letters GALA
Off-base one 4 letters AWOL
Christopher who played Kent 5 letters REEVE
Fond farewell perhaps 4 letters OBIT
Having all of one’s marbles 4 letters SANE
Fragrant wood 5 letters CEDAR
Masters of the one-liner 4 letters WAGS
____ bien! 4 letters TRES
That that event will happen 13 letters ITSINTHECARDS
Knock knock response 6 letters COMEIN
Paving goo 3 letters TAR
An inflated one can hinder success 3 letters EGO
Gator’s end? 3 letters ADE
Cartographer’s reference 5 letters ATLAS
Duck down? 5 letters EIDER
Not straight 4 letters BENT
Inflationary medium 3 letters AIR
What’s black and white and ___ all over? 3 letters RED
Shifts the odds in one’s favor 13 letters STACKSTHEDECK
Assay question 3 letters ORE
Don’t blame me; I didn’t write this! 3 letters SIC
Dynamic beginning 4 letters AERO
Bully 5 letters ABUSE
Boxing’s Iron Mike 5 letters TYSON
Guacamole or salsa 3 letters DIP
Game ___ and match 3 letters SET
Pierre’s pal 3 letters AMI
Push back 6 letters RESIST
We can work this out 13 letters LETSMAKEADEAL
Tournament alternative to an invitational 4 letters OPEN
Betelgeuse not Beetlejuice 4 letters STAR
Ripsnorter 5 letters DILLY
Fairy from 5-D 4 letters PERI
Prepare the salad 4 letters TOSS
The ____ Witch Project 5 letters BLAIR
Once in days of yore 4 letters ERST
_____ terrier 4 letters SKYE
Front and back of sedans 5 letters ESSES
Rainbow shape 3 letters ARC
Wide shoe spec 3 letters EEE
River delta make-up 8 letters SEDIMENT
Roundish 5 letters OVATE
Iran now 6 letters PERSIA
Graduation cap and ______ 4 letters GOWN
Blind as ____ 4 letters ABAT
Puts a match to 6 letters LIGHTS
Out of port 5 letters ATSEA
Nick and Nora’s dog 4 letters ASTA
Went battle after battle 6 letters WARRED
Tense 6 letters ONEDGE
Landlord 6 letters LESSOR
Outflow’s counterpart 6 letters INTAKE
Balboa’s cinematic rival 5 letters CREED
Uber alternative 3 letters CAB
Dedicated lines? 4 letters ODES
Fleur-de-___ 3 letters LIS
Bohemian 5 letters ARTSY
Ford had a better one in the 1960s 4 letters IDEA
New Mexico resort town 4 letters TAOS
Rap sheet information 6 letters RECORD
Half-and-half half 5 letters CREAM
Towel word 3 letters HIS
They can be found under c’s in Spain 8 letters CEDILLAS
Kringle or Kristofferson 4 letters KRIS
Get off the fence 3 letters OPT
Somewhere between vertical and horizontal 6 letters ASLOPE
Summoner of the past 6 letters BEEPER
Gives voice to 6 letters UTTERS
Controversial video sharing app 6 letters TIKTOK
If _______ (only as a last resort) 6 letters NEEDBE
A clipper triad 5 letters MASTS
Three sheets to the wind? 5 letters SAILS
Exasperated state 4 letters SNIT
Eggs over ___ 4 letters EASY
Brit’s bottom 4 letters ARSE
Pinocchio’s downfall 3 letters LIE
100 per century briefly 3 letters YRS

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