Best Free Themed Crossword May 14 2023 Answers

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Best Free Themed Crossword May 14 2023 Answers:

Father in French 4 letters PERE
Build up as a fortune 5 letters AMASS
Little bites 4 letters NIPS
Yoked beasts 4 letters OXEN
Sticky stuff 5 letters PASTE
Result of creative thinking 4 letters IDEA
Result of a fender-bender 4 letters DENT
Vatican leaders 5 letters POPES
Small secluded valley 4 letters GLEN
One making a soccer goal 6 letters SCORER
Hot tub 3 letters SPA
Over-the-top promotion 4 letters HYPE
Surrounded by 4 letters AMID
Soot or coal dust 4 letters SMUT
Hates bitterly 8 letters DESPISES
Get away 6 letters ESCAPE
Baseball official casually 3 letters UMP
Summary 5 letters RECAP
Where icicles might hang 5 letters EAVES transaction 4 letters SALE
England’s white cliffs city 5 letters DOVER
Pots’ partners 4 letters PANS
Sparkling headpiece 5 letters TIARA
Start over in a way 5 letters RESET
U-turn from SSW 3 letters NNE
Maximally cagey 6 letters SLYEST
Athenian philosopher 8 letters SOCRATES
Captain after a white whale 4 letters AHAB
Split pea or French onion 4 letters SOUP
Hairless 4 letters BALD
Seek redress legally 3 letters SUE
Fixes up as a run-down house 6 letters REHABS
Skin cream ingredient 4 letters ALOE
Worn out 5 letters TIRED
Nation where Persian is spoken 4 letters IRAN
Backside 4 letters REAR
Cream of the crop 5 letters ELITE
Sandwich shop 4 letters DELI
Thieves’ hangouts 4 letters DENS
Ending for farm or home 5 letters STEAD
Pepper’s go-with 4 letters SALT
Pea containers 4 letters PODS
Corp. big shot 4 letters EXEC
Nevada city 4 letters RENO
Catch in a sting 6 letters ENTRAP
Kept in the know 8 letters APPRISED
Chinese revolutionary leader 3 letters MAO
Venomous vipers 4 letters ASPS
Stairway units 5 letters STEPS
___ Street (popular kids’ show) 6 letters SESAME
Headgear for Scrooge 8 letters NIGHTCAP
With no specific goal 4 letters IDLY
Baby bird’s sound 4 letters PEEP
Level-headed 4 letters SANE
UAE potentate 4 letters EMIR
Interior design 5 letters DECOR
Avail oneself of 3 letters USE
Does some housework 5 letters DUSTS
Google service 5 letters EMAIL
Spread as fingers 5 letters SPLAY
Puts away for the future 5 letters SAVES
___ -garde (trendy) 5 letters AVANT
Cylindrical pasta 5 letters PENNE
Tricky curves 5 letters ESSES
Mexican money 5 letters PESOS
Nook and Kindle (hyph.) 8 letters EREADERS
Caught on mic 8 letters RECORDED
___ Wednesday 3 letters ASH
False alternative 4 letters WAHR
Tries a sip of 6 letters TASTES
Garden pests 6 letters APHIDS
Constructed 5 letters BUILT
The ___ (Shakespeare) 4 letters BARD
Mariner’s direction 4 letters ALEE
Bank transaction 4 letters LOAN
The E of HOMES 4 letters ERIE
Width x length 4 letters AREA
Ending for foot base and basket 4 letters BALL
Testy mood 4 letters SNIT
Pilot’s landing guess (abbr.) 3 letters ETA

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