Best Free Themed Crossword May 12 2023 Answers

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Best Free Themed Crossword May 12 2023 Answers:

Allow 3 letters LET
Easy toss 3 letters LOB
Self-confidence 6 letters APLOMB
What the earth turns on 4 letters AXIS
Gorilla for instance 3 letters APE
__ Plaza (hotel chain) 6 letters CROWNE
Building plan particular informally 4 letters SPEC
___ culpa 3 letters MEA
Rat out 6 letters TELLON
Act of Congress deemed by the clock-making industry as excessive regulation? 12 letters HOURHANDBILL
Soup eater’s utensil 5 letters SPOON
Skip to My ___ 3 letters LOU
Ton constituents (abbr.) 3 letters LBS
Instruction manual for fishing boat workers? 12 letters DECKHANDBOOK
Band’s job 3 letters GIG
Flinches 5 letters SHIES
Doolittle in My Fair Lady 5 letters ELIZA
Sole 4 letters ONLY
For ___ see (openly) 5 letters ALLTO
___ out (show off) 4 letters TROT
They emanate from dumpsters 5 letters ODORS
Accomplishments 5 letters DEEDS
Linguistic ending 3 letters ESE
Spare change in the Garden of Eden? 12 letters FIRSTHANDOUT
Utter 3 letters SAY
Tip vessel 3 letters JAR
Jim-dandy 5 letters NEATO
Slap essentially? 12 letters FOREHANDCUFF
Piano and motorcycle brand 6 letters YAMAHA
Madison in NYC 3 letters AVE
Not fooled by 4 letters ONTO
Oak output 6 letters ACORNS
Up to briefly 3 letters TIL
Leak out slowly 4 letters SEEP
Play time 6 letters RECESS
Class for immigrants briefly 3 letters ESL
Clinic pros (abbr.) 3 letters RNS
Eyelid hair 4 letters LASH
Big fairs 5 letters EXPOS
Traffic snarl 5 letters TIEUP
Spanish region associated with Don Quixote 8 letters LAMANCHA
Welcoming sign on a shop door 4 letters OPEN
Rosary unit 4 letters BEAD
Director’s command 6 letters ACTION
Musical intro 7 letters PRELUDE
Exhibit indolence 4 letters LOLL
Avian hooter 3 letters OWL
L-P connection 3 letters MNO
Franklin 3 letters BEN
New England whitefish serving 5 letters SCROD
Non-motorized cultivators 4 letters HOES
Denounced 7 letters BLASTED
River of Orléans 5 letters LOIRE
Clowns 5 letters BOZOS
Play roller derby say 5 letters SKATE
Irish county 7 letters KILDARE
___ of Troy 5 letters HELEN
Three-letter sandwich 3 letters BLT
Makes a mistake 5 letters GOOFS
South Asian nation 5 letters INDIA
No guts no ___! 5 letters GLORY
Century parts 3 letters YRS
Rosie on the tube 8 letters ODONNELL
Florida’s longest river 7 letters STJOHNS
Hauled into court 4 letters SUED
Annoy persistently 6 letters HARASS
Folded tortilla snacks 5 letters TACOS
Part of an entertainment center 5 letters TUNER
Not just occasionally 5 letters OFTEN
Airline quote 4 letters FARE
Loathe 4 letters HATE
Rental outfit 4 letters AVIS
Primping dandies 4 letters FOPS
Agile as a boat 3 letters YAR
Ventura played by Carrey 3 letters ACE
Soft shoe for short 3 letters MOC

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