Best Free Themed Crossword June 27 2022 Answers

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Best Free Themed Crossword June 27 2022 Answers:

Thinly-layered minerals 5 letters MICAS
Beat bigtime 4 letters DRUB
Stay in a Boler perhaps 4 letters CAMP
Harden with use 5 letters ENURE
Walloon’s wallet item 4 letters EURO
Leave off 4 letters OMIT
Hair and Hairspray? 10 letters MUSICALDUO
Title of Leonardo’s Lisa 4 letters MONA
Will-___-wisp (spooky glow) 4 letters OTHE
Jost cohost on SNL’s Weekend Update 3 letters CHE
Done like dinner 5 letters KAPUT
The bright red mud prov. of song 3 letters PEI
Huff and puff? 11 letters PAIROFPANTS
Guesstimator’s word 6 letters AROUND
Target of Polonius’s advice 7 letters LAERTES
Death Be Not Proud poet 5 letters DONNE
___-sci 4 letters POLI
___ that! (Caught ya!) 4 letters ISAW
Rice and potatoes? 9 letters DUALCARBS
Word in all Perry Mason titles 4 letters CASE
Vintner’s vessels 4 letters VATS
Neither Doric nor Corinthian 5 letters IONIC
What some are said to have in the grave 7 letters ONEFOOT
Bad boy of weather 6 letters ELNINO
Wind and solar? 11 letters POWERCOUPLE
Canadian actors Cook and Buckley 3 letters AJS
You’d be smart to join this club 5 letters MENSA
T to Theseus 3 letters TAU
Self centres 4 letters EGOS
Org. with a sobering message 4 letters MADD
Snatch and grab? 10 letters DOUBLETAKE
Pivot around a pole 4 letters SLUE
Hockey’s Bobby and Colton (no relation) 4 letters ORRS
Editor’s upside-down v 5 letters CARET
TV’s ___ Blue 4 letters NYPD
On its way 4 letters SENT
Mirror in Manchester 5 letters GLASS
Spot to jot a thought 7 letters MEMOPAD
Awaiting delivery 7 letters INUTERO
Make less jarring 7 letters CUSHION
I Am Not My Hair singer India. ___ 4 letters ARIE
Jiff 3 letters SEC
Home of Indira Gandhi Airport 5 letters DELHI
Harsher as awakenings go 5 letters RUDER
Where Montevideo is: Abbr. 3 letters URU
Vancouver’s Word on the Street for one 8 letters BOOKFAIR
Blind taste test act 10 letters COMPARISON
Adds up (to) 7 letters AMOUNTS
Headache-relieving hot brew 7 letters MINTTEA
Harper Valley ___ 3 letters PTA
Mil. school 4 letters ACAD
Hulking galoot 3 letters APE
Tire on une voiture 4 letters PNEU
Spanish saucepans 5 letters OLLAS
Prince Albert-to-Saskatoon dir. 3 letters SSW
With longest word often used to describe the Canada/U.S. border 10 letters UNDEFENDED
Ancient thinker who dabbled in wrestling 5 letters PLATO
Mo. shared by Libras and Scorpios 3 letters OCT
Appliance hues big in the ’70s 8 letters AVOCADOS
Cause of spite in early medicine 4 letters BILE
Fuzz component? 3 letters COP
Outlier 7 letters ANOMALY
Clinched as a deal 7 letters SEWEDUP
Falls for a newly-married man? 7 letters NIAGARA
You had to be there humour 7 letters INJOKES
Fusses over like a baby 7 letters COSSETS
People can be found under here? 3 letters ORS
Twelfth Jewish month 4 letters ELUL
Motorist’s flip-flop 5 letters UTURN
Blue Ribbon brewer 5 letters PABST
Brief catch-all 4 letters ETAL
90s ISP with a butterfly logo 3 letters MSN
Underground product 3 letters ORE
Lines from the heart? 3 letters ECG

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