Best Free Themed Crossword June 23 2022 Answers

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Best Free Themed Crossword June 23 2022 Answers:

Univ. instructor 4 letters PROF
Desire 4 letters WANT
Giver’s opposite 5 letters TAKER
Top-rated (2 wds) 4 letters AONE
Sunburn soother 4 letters ALOE
Unfriendly way to respond 5 letters ICILY
Speed contest 4 letters RACE
Old Italian money 4 letters LIRA
Heartbeat 5 letters PULSE
Carpenter’s horse 7 letters TRESTLE
Toy in a crib 6 letters RATTLE
Charged particle 3 letters ION
Caviar 3 letters ROE
Be extremely frugal 6 letters SCRIMP
Identical 4 letters SAME
Witch 3 letters HAG
Investigate 5 letters PROBE
Father 4 letters SIRE
Stockings 4 letters HOSE
Hospital VIP (2 wds) 15 letters REGISTEREDNURSE
Symphony e.g. 4 letters OPUS
Fertilizer ingredient 4 letters UREA
Someone ___ (not mine or yours) 5 letters ELSES
___ whiz! 3 letters GEE
The Kennedys e.g. 4 letters CLAN
PC key 6 letters DELETE
Roman sun god 3 letters SOL
Fourposter e.g. 3 letters BED
Stormy seabird 6 letters PETREL
Presumptuous person 7 letters UPSTART
Lowest rank of peerage 5 letters BARON
___-American 4 letters AFRO
Butter alternative 4 letters OLEO
Supermarket area 5 letters AISLE
Snafu 4 letters MESS
Ore deposit 4 letters SEAM
Welcome 5 letters GREET
___ meridiem 4 letters ANTE
At this point 4 letters HERE
Actor’s goal 4 letters PART
Din 4 letters ROAR
___ bitten twice shy 4 letters ONCE
Lawyers’ charges 4 letters FEES
Punch hard 6 letters WALLOP
Martian e.g. 5 letters ALIEN
Swe. neighbor 3 letters NOR
What a handkerchief may wipe away 4 letters TEAR
________ through the tulips 6 letters TIPTOE
Not chronic 5 letters ACUTE
To ____ a Mockingbird 4 letters KILL
So what _____ is new? 4 letters ELSE
Deli offering 3 letters RYE
The ___ They Are A-Changin’: Dylan 5 letters TIMES
Carrying a gun 5 letters ARMED
Baby (slang) 5 letters SPROG
Thin pancake 5 letters CREPE
Scoundrel 5 letters ROGUE
Nile bird 4 letters IBIS
Ambulance warning 5 letters SIREN
Length x width for a rectangle 4 letters AREA
Stagecoach puller 5 letters HORSE
Money in the bank say 5 letters ASSET
Fliers in V’s 5 letters GEESE
Buona ____ (Italian greeting) 4 letters SERA
Main body of a ship 4 letters HULL
Gown fabric 5 letters TULLE
Requires 5 letters NEEDS
Instrument for Louis Armstrong 6 letters CORNET
Unseat 6 letters DEPOSE
Made off with 5 letters STOLE
Explode as a balloon 5 letters BURST
Twosome 4 letters PAIR
Limerick language 4 letters ERSE
Tibetan priest 4 letters LAMA
Brit’s Nonsense! 4 letters TOSH
On the safe side at sea 4 letters ALEE
Back 4 letters REAR
Heavy reading 4 letters TOME
Groceries holder 3 letters BAG
Marsh 3 letters FEN

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