Best Free Themed Crossword June 16 2021 Answers

If you are searching for: Best Free Themed Crossword June 16 2021 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Best Free Themed Crossword June 16 2021 Answers:

U.S. health agcy. 3 letters CDC
The ___ touch (money-making gift) 5 letters MIDAS
Make more cushiony maybe 5 letters REPAD
Spanish Olympian’s quest 3 letters ORO
Book ___ (reserve at Ramada) 5 letters AROOM
You ___ Beautiful (Cocker hit) 5 letters ARESO
Texter’s too funny 3 letters LOL
Be super-scrimpy after inflation? 11 letters NICKELPINCH
Edam alternatives 6 letters GOUDAS
Baba with a good opening line 3 letters ALI
Most CARP members 3 letters SRS
Wealth worshipper’s god after inflation? 14 letters ALMIGHTYTOONIE
Spanning a decade 7 letters TENYEAR
What’s new in Nicaragua? 5 letters NUEVA
Honest ___ (flashy Toronto discount store) 3 letters EDS
… out like a ___ 4 letters LAMB
Be crawling (with) 4 letters TEEM
Money-related rap name after inflation? 9 letters ONEDOLLAR
Stagnant water buildup 4 letters ALGA
French sword 4 letters EPEE
La Biche or La Hache 3 letters LAC
Florentine painter Fra Filippo ___ 5 letters LIPPI
Wa-a-ay back when 7 letters AGESAGO
Cheap and easy to come by after inflation? 14 letters AQUARTERADOZEN
Source of burger meat Down Under 3 letters EMU
Klutzy lug 3 letters OAF
Is ___ the dream (has it made) 6 letters LIVING
Symbols of phoniness after inflation? 11 letters WOODENDIMES
Child care writer LeShan 3 letters EDA
Promo pro 5 letters ADREP
This is ___ new to me 5 letters ALLSO
Seuss’s I-Am 3 letters SAM
Stacks one inside the other 5 letters NESTS
Stud poker card count 5 letters SEVEN
Prufrock creator’s initials 3 letters TSE
Crest shelfmate 7 letters COLGATE
Acted predictably with Pavlov 7 letters DROOLED
Write-ups in The Globe and Mail 7 letters COLUMNS
Get by all right 6 letters MANAGE
Mugful in a Dublin pub 8 letters IRISHALE
CBC Radio’s The ___ Project 3 letters DOC
Tickety-boo 5 letters AOKAY
Put through a refinery 5 letters SMELT
Knock on wood maybe 3 letters RAP
___ tu (Verdi aria) 3 letters ERI
Like Rodin’s The Thinker 7 letters PENSIVE
Hilariously funny 7 letters ASCREAM
Forehead-slapping cries 4 letters DOHS
In like a ___ … 4 letters LION
Initials for a handy-andy 3 letters DIY
Welding or carpentry career-wise 5 letters TRADE
Take ___ loan 4 letters OUTA
Not even once poetically 4 letters NEER
Tool for a swab job 3 letters MOP
Clouded vision 5 letters BLEAR
Pre-K.G.B. group 4 letters OGPU
Auto parts chain with a yellow/blue logo 4 letters NAPA
Jargon heard on Law & Order 8 letters LEGALESE
Apple pie order? 7 letters ALAMODE
Drinks not served at A.A. meetings 7 letters LIQUORS
Least likely to work 7 letters LAZIEST
Pre-meeting handouts 7 letters AGENDAS
Rip-off artist’s recreation 7 letters CONGAME
De-creaser? 4 letters IRON
Inventor who had a lightbulb moment? 6 letters EDISON
An S in U.S.S.R.: Abbr. 3 letters SOV
Voilà! cousins 5 letters TADAS
Submit with a click as taxes 5 letters EFILE
McGregor of the movies 4 letters EWAN
Cop on the case: Abbr. 3 letters DET
Four-song discs 3 letters EPS
1055 in Roman numerals 3 letters MLV

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