Best Free Themed Crossword January 25 2023 Answers

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Best Free Themed Crossword January 25 2023 Answers:

Spanish custard 4 letters FLAN
Cattle breed from Scotland 5 letters ANGUS
Fork’s prong 4 letters TINE
Top-notch (hyph.) 4 letters AONE
Auto acquisition option 5 letters LEASE
Norse deity 4 letters ODIN
Huge amounts 4 letters TONS
True in a sense 5 letters LOYAL
Dispatch 4 letters SEND
Puts into words 6 letters STATES
Optical shop purchase 7 letters GLASSES
Swimmer’s unit 3 letters LAP
Traditional dance 4 letters REEL
Desire for food 8 letters APPETITE
More embarrassed perhaps 6 letters REDDER
___ culpa 3 letters MEA
A whole lot 5 letters SCADS
Courteous and elegant 5 letters SUAVE
___-bitsy 4 letters ITSY
Coins that can be spent in many lands 5 letters EUROS
Soggy lump 4 letters GLOB
WWW locations 5 letters SITES
Pan fry 5 letters SAUTE
Letters preceding an alias 3 letters AKA
Surgical tubes 6 letters STENTS
More likely to collapse 8 letters FLIMSIER
Sunrise direction 4 letters EAST
Tailor’s concern 3 letters FIT
Track and field throwing event 7 letters SHOTPUT
Old French coins 6 letters FRANCS
Long sandwich 4 letters HERO
Racket 5 letters NOISE
Hockey score 4 letters GOAL
___ Sea (dissipated lake) 4 letters ARAL
Farmland units 5 letters ACRES
Perimeter 4 letters EDGE
Big name in computers 4 letters DELL
Trapshooting sport 5 letters SKEET
Owner’s document 4 letters DEED
Oil butter lard etc. 4 letters FATS
Burglar’s haul 4 letters LOOT
Frozen II sister 4 letters ANNA
Kit Kat candy bar’s producer 6 letters NESTLE
Seasoning said to have a taste resembling cinnamon cloves and nutmeg 8 letters ALLSPICE
New or recent (prefix) 3 letters NEO
The G of LGBTQ 3 letters GAY
Info on a utility bill 5 letters USAGE
One party in an eBay transaction 6 letters SELLER
Throw away 4 letters TOSS
Beware the ___ of March! 4 letters IDES
Number of innings in baseball usually 4 letters NINE
Draws to a close 4 letters ENDS
Devours 4 letters EATS
Craft brewer’s array 4 letters ALES
Second attempt at a document 7 letters REDRAFT
Slightly wrong 5 letters AMISS
Legal word with jury or larceny 5 letters PETIT
Cut and ___ (edit menu commands) 5 letters PASTE
Greek Ts 4 letters TAUS
Used a shovel 3 letters DUG
The ___ Lama 5 letters DALAI
Call forth 5 letters EVOKE
Concrete reinforcing element 5 letters REBAR
Music genre for Aretha 4 letters SOUL
Japanese monetary unit 3 letters YEN
Hardest to bend 8 letters STIFFEST
Choreography unit 4 letters STEP
Mideast leader 4 letters EMIR
Hot rooms 6 letters SAUNAS
Presented as a play 6 letters STAGED
Wall Street purchase 5 letters STOCK
Source of roe 4 letters SHAD
___ kitty kitty! 4 letters HERE
Mouth-related 4 letters ORAL
Turnpike fee 4 letters TOLL
Point of connection 4 letters NODE
Pet carrier essentially 4 letters CAGE
Luge for one 4 letters SLED
State of anger 3 letters IRE
Understand 3 letters SEE

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