Best Free Themed Crossword January 15 2022 Answers

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Best Free Themed Crossword January 15 2022 Answers:

Approach as for a loan 5 letters HITUP
It smells in the States? 4 letters ODOR
Canadian singer ___ Moore 3 letters MAE
Stake house? 6 letters CASINO
Web surfer’s annoyances 8 letters POPUPADS
Where things get messy? 15 letters SCENEOFTHEGRIME
Tina Turner’s ex 3 letters IKE
Cobbler’s creation 4 letters SHOE
___ vous plait 3 letters SIL
Word sung on January 1 4 letters SYNE
He raised Cain 4 letters ADAM
Parting words? 4 letters OBIT
What too many dirty cooks do? 12 letters SOILTHEBROTH
Eat unenthusiastically 6 letters PICKAT
Prefix meaning wine 4 letters OENO
One kiss two hugs in a letter 3 letters XOO
Where Mandela ruled: Abbr. 3 letters RSA
Tombstone letters 3 letters RIP
Low on a stove 3 letters MIN
They’re split in banana 3 letters ENS
Boy am ___ trouble! 3 letters IIN
B.C.’s Saltspring and Gabriola for two: Abbr. 4 letters ISLS
Adopt a wait-___ attitude 6 letters ANDSEE
Leave dirty marks on spaghetti? 12 letters STAINNOODLES
Anti-one for the road grp. 4 letters MADD
Tickle Me Elmo toy company 4 letters TYCO
Prepare potatoes in a way 4 letters MASH
Org. overseeing a 2010 Vancouver event 3 letters IOC
Figure skating champion Michelle 4 letters KWAN
Charlie’s Angels actress Lucy 3 letters LIU
Ludwig’s uncleanliness? 15 letters BEETHOVENSFILTH
Portager between portages 8 letters CANOEIST
First class group 6 letters ELITES
Debits’ opp. 3 letters CRS
Andy Capp’s wife and others 4 letters FLOS
Ciao Chico! 5 letters ADIOS
___ Sack (beanbag for kicking) 5 letters HACKY
Nobody Knows The Trouble ___ 5 letters ISEEN
Makup of a rusty Oz character 3 letters TIN
Feminine ones in Québec 4 letters UNES
Hunny loving bear 4 letters POOH
Decided one would 7 letters OPTEDTO
Oft-quoted Homeric word? 3 letters DOH
Lift the lid poetically 3 letters OPE
Toupees slangily 4 letters RUGS
Postcard destinations 9 letters MAILBOXES
Honcho at the helm: Abbr. 3 letters ADM
Common language suffix 3 letters ESE
Gov’t. spy agcy. 4 letters CSIS
Previous 5 letters PRIOR
Little Arabian say 4 letters FOAL
Edmonton CFLer for short before a team name change 3 letters ESK
Throat-clearing sound 4 letters AHEM
Like a peon’s work 6 letters MENIAL
Take ___ day at a time 5 letters ITONE
Not these 5 letters THOSE
Put one’s ___ (meddle) 5 letters OARIN
Say ___ so! (reply to shocking news) 6 letters ITISNT
Good word in Gatineau? 5 letters BONNE
Cut-glass rainbow maker 5 letters PRISM
Since when ___ crime to …? 5 letters ISITA
Montréal hockey squad 9 letters CANADIENS
Tricky tactic 4 letters PLOY
Lightbulb holders 7 letters SOCKETS
Book of psychiatric disorders: Abbr. 3 letters DSM
What can ___ help? 5 letters IDOTO
Like this answer directionally 4 letters DOWN
___ no avail 5 letters ALLTO
Locations 5 letters SITES
You-say-something? grunts 4 letters HUHS
Food Network figure 4 letters CHEF
Sailing the ocean blue 4 letters ASEA
Prov. called The Rock 4 letters NFLD
Include invisibly in an email 3 letters BCC
Secret receptacle? 3 letters EAR
It may be crude or refined 3 letters OIL
Brandy label letters 3 letters VSO
Trilogy’s finale? 3 letters III

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