Best Free Themed Crossword January 14 2021 Answers

If you are searching for: Best Free Themed Crossword January 14 2021 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Best Free Themed Crossword January 14 2021 Answers:

Cup’s edge 4 letters BRIM
Living room seat 4 letters SOFA
La __ (Milan opera house) 5 letters SCALA
Dublin’s land locally 4 letters EIRE
Vintage ski lift 4 letters TBAR
Worked at as a trade 5 letters PLIED
Stratford-upon-__ 4 letters AVON
Earthenware pot 4 letters OLLA
Slow tempo on a music score 5 letters LARGO
Famous tennis sister 13 letters VENUSWILLIAMS
Prior to in verse 3 letters ERE
Barrel for beer 3 letters KEG
Mythological spirits 6 letters NYMPHS
Spokes of a circle 5 letters RADII
Bruised or inflated items 4 letters EGOS
Informal assent 4 letters YEAH
Unspecified person 3 letters ONE
Lambs’ moms 4 letters EWES
Peeper 3 letters EYE
Like a beach favored for basking 11 letters SUNDRENCHED
Commerce regulating agcy. 3 letters FTC
Puppies’ cries 4 letters YIPS
Government revenue source 3 letters TAX
Swiss river 4 letters AARE
Captain Hook’s mate 4 letters SMEE
Not against the law 5 letters LEGAL
Big book page size 6 letters QUARTO
Celestial feline 3 letters LEO
Mexican gold 3 letters ORO
Betty Grable musical of 1941 13 letters MOONOVERMIAMI
Scope or extent 5 letters AMBIT
Lay some asphalt 4 letters PAVE
Like a pancake 4 letters FLAT
It’s sweet in Salerno 5 letters DOLCE
Knighted actor Guinness 4 letters ALEC
Bona __ (genuine) 4 letters FIDE
Home suffix that means place 5 letters STEAD
Allowed to use for a while 4 letters LENT
Twelvemonth 4 letters YEAR
Dam builder 6 letters BEAVER
Muralist Diego __ 6 letters RIVERA
Did a laundry chore 6 letters IRONED
List of dishes 4 letters MENU
Harriet Beecher __ 5 letters STOWE
Accommodate 6 letters OBLIGE
Summer follower 4 letters FALL
Depleted Asian sea 4 letters ARAL
Spread out 5 letters SPLAY
Cold and moist 6 letters CLAMMY
Pilot’s gauge information 8 letters AIRSPEED
Anatomical limb 3 letters LEG
Hubbub 3 letters ADO
Very thin 6 letters SKINNY
Beetle or gnat 6 letters INSECT
Baled crop 3 letters HAY
That woman 3 letters SHE
Promissory note letters 3 letters IOU
V-formation fliers 5 letters GEESE
Have a deed to 3 letters OWN
Phonograph inventor 6 letters EDISON
Hebrew greeting 6 letters SHALOM
Mix up 8 letters SCRAMBLE
Tachometer abbr. 3 letters RPM
River to the English Channel 3 letters EXE
WWW info page 3 letters FAQ
Letter after sigma 3 letters TAU
Nickname for a Beethoven symphony 6 letters EROICA
Football squad count 6 letters ELEVEN
Hockey netminder 6 letters GOALIE
Spanish naval force 6 letters ARMADA
Hang around aimlessly 6 letters LOITER
Hauled 5 letters TOTED
Put up 5 letters ERECT
Iridescent gem 4 letters OPAL
Lowland 4 letters VALE
Questionable 4 letters IFFY
TV interruptions 3 letters ADS
Witty quip 3 letters MOT

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