Best Free Themed Crossword February 28 2021 Answers

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Best Free Themed Crossword February 28 2021 Answers:

Dance where you really get down? 5 letters LIMBO
Runs up a big phone bill 4 letters GABS
Pope on a ___ (shower gimmick) 4 letters ROPE
Industrial hub of Germany 5 letters ESSEN
Jai ___ (court game) 4 letters ALAI
Part of a fairy tale ending 4 letters EVER
Continue until 5 letters ENDAT
Wide-backed parlour piece 9 letters WINGCHAIR
___ Mrs. Robinson/Jesus loves you … (Simon & Garfunkel lyric) 12 letters KOOKOOKACHOO
Peter Paul and Mary: Abbr. 3 letters STS
Part of P.E.: Abbr. 4 letters PHYS
Owned by those guys 6 letters THEIRS
From in German names 3 letters VON
Mattress annoyance in a fairy tale 3 letters PEA
punctuation 3 letters DOT
Tropical bird with coloured webbed walkers 15 letters BLUEFOOTEDBOOBY
Rick Mercer schtick once 4 letters RANT
Rug that’s worn out? 3 letters WIG
Canadian Mint record maker 4 letters KTEL
Relaxed to the max 15 letters ASLOOSEASAGOOSE
Woe ___ (grammar book) 3 letters ISI
Treasure Island author’s initials 3 letters RLS
Pan for Yan 3 letters WOK
Absolutely zero 6 letters NOTONE
Sportsnet subjs. often 4 letters ATHS
Place for a peel 3 letters SPA
Secret agent featured in collectively 12 letters DOUBLEOSEVEN
Devote hours to (doing) 9 letters PUTINTIME
Me Myself & ___ (Carrey film) 5 letters IRENE
Fruity juice prefix 4 letters CRAN
Use the last three letters of this word 4 letters HEAR
Explorer de Leon 5 letters PONCE
Knuckle sandwich 4 letters SLUG
Stallone and Stone 4 letters SLYS
Sing while high maybe? 5 letters YODEL
Oniony soup veggies 5 letters LEEKS
That ___ true! (False!) 5 letters ISNOT
Pre-Windows program 5 letters MSDOS
Bird part that regulates heat 4 letters BEAK
Overlying 7 letters ONTOPOF
Geekily gangly 5 letters GAWKY
___ Grace (Atwood book) 5 letters ALIAS
French bench 4 letters BANC
Seen as a species 7 letters SIGHTED
Break new ground agriculturally? 5 letters REHOE
Fertility clinic stock 3 letters OVA
Charlottetown’s prov. 3 letters PEI
Need Wite-Out 3 letters ERR
Rent-sharer for short 5 letters COHAB
That’s horrible! 4 letters OHNO
What did ___ deserve this? 5 letters IDOTO
Posh hotel bath amenities 5 letters ROBES
Fancy up as hair 5 letters STYLE
Bill killer 4 letters VETO
Takes a go in cribbage 4 letters PEGS
Einstein’s much-studied body part 5 letters BRAIN
Roper’s rope 5 letters LASSO
Not yet ignited 5 letters UNLIT
Is outstanding 4 letters OWES
___ Maria 3 letters TIA
All right already! 4 letters OKOK
Smoking ___? 5 letters ORNON
Magnifying glass wielders in comics 7 letters SLEUTHS
What Horton hears 4 letters AWHO
Liable to spread dirt 7 letters GOSSIPY
Getting sick of watching with on 5 letters ODING
Revlon-owned brand 5 letters ALMAY
Golfers once per hole 5 letters TEERS
NDPer Robinson 5 letters SVEND
Trump’s right-hand man 5 letters PENCE
You’re as charming as ___ (Mr. Grinch reference in song) 5 letters ANEEL
Jessica of The Sinner 4 letters BIEL
It’s the old switch-___ 4 letters EROO
Libs’. political foes 3 letters PCS for one 3 letters URL
T-shaped Greek letter 3 letters TAU

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