Best Free Themed Crossword February 23 2021 Answers

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Best Free Themed Crossword February 23 2021 Answers:

Hang around for 5 letters AWAIT
Whizzes 4 letters PROS
Red-tailed raptor 4 letters HAWK
___ Jean Mortenson (Marilyn Monroe’s birth name) 5 letters NORMA
Quiet 4 letters HUSH
Fencing category 4 letters EPEE
Courtroom often 10 letters TRIALVENUE
Stat! 4 letters ASAP
Relaxes 8 letters SLACKENS
Turn away 5 letters AVERT
Units that have 3 ft. 3 letters YDS
___-Globe (Christmas decor item) 3 letters SNO
Hedger’s response 4 letters IMAY
Oxford is a notable city this English region 12 letters THAMESVALLEY
Fuel sold in Oxford 6 letters PETROL
Downy surface 3 letters NAP
Jim-dandy 4 letters AONE
Restaurant freebie 5 letters STRAW
___ takers? 3 letters ANY
Make part of the mix 5 letters ADDIN
Yours in Paris 4 letters ATOI
Furnace heat unit (abbr.) 3 letters BTU
Hightails it 6 letters SPEEDS
Inability to see the big picture 12 letters TUNNELVISION
Saturated substances 4 letters FATS
Tags 3 letters IDS
My country ___ of thee 3 letters TIS
Moon-related 5 letters LUNAR
Singer who composed The Christmas Song 8 letters MELTORME
Fictional hunchback 4 letters IGOR
Document required to enter some countries 10 letters TRAVELVISA
Further 4 letters ELSE
Filly’s mother 4 letters MARE
Bother as a problem 5 letters EATAT
Henna and others 4 letters DYES
Signs informally 4 letters INKS
Winter Olympics racers 5 letters SLEDS
On pins and needles 5 letters ANTSY
Part of WWW 5 letters WORLD
Oratorio highlights 5 letters ARIAS
Apple desktop 4 letters IMAC
AM radio staple 8 letters TALKSHOW
Remarkable youngster 6 letters PHENOM
Does a marathon 4 letters RUNS
Corvallis campus (abbr.) 3 letters OSU
That woman 3 letters SHE
Seriously loaded down 10 letters HEAVYLADEN
Cathedral recess 4 letters APSE
Fair ___ and tear 4 letters WEAR
Hung onto 4 letters KEPT
Open to bribery 5 letters VENAL
Battery letters 3 letters AAA
Words before old chap 4 letters ISAY
Honored athlete (abbr.) 3 letters MVP
Amtrak quotes 10 letters TRAINFARES
The blahs 5 letters ENNUI
Ore source 4 letters LODE
Oklahoma city 4 letters ENID
Longings 4 letters YENS
High-schooler’s exam 4 letters PSAT
Ides of March words 4 letters ETTU
1982 Disney sci-fi film 4 letters TRON
Quad bikes for short 4 letters ATVS
Last Supper figures 8 letters APOSTLES
Sandwich choice (abbr.) 3 letters BLT
Edge 5 letters SIDLE
Corn serving 3 letters EAR
Colanders. 6 letters SIEVES
Overused or stale 5 letters TRITE
🙁 in words 5 letters IMSAD
Senate positions 5 letters SEATS
Told a whopper 4 letters LIED
Nasty 4 letters UGLY
Schnozz 4 letters NOSE
___ my words! 4 letters MARK
Roundish shape 4 letters OVAL
Stop oversharing! 3 letters TMI
Took off 3 letters RAN

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