Best Free Themed Crossword December 9 2022 Answers

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Best Free Themed Crossword December 9 2022 Answers:

Use an auger 4 letters BORE
___ apso (dog) 5 letters LHASA
Battery fluid 4 letters ACID
Border on 4 letters ABUT
Buenos ___ 5 letters AIRES
Corn cake 4 letters PONE
Identical 4 letters SAME
Attempts 5 letters TRIES
Killer whale 4 letters ORCA
Little troublemaker 3 letters IMP
She played Carla in the sitcom Cheers 11 letters RHEAPERLMAN
More impertinent 7 letters SAUCIER
Fa follower 3 letters SOL
Fly like an eagle 4 letters SOAR
Rustic; bucolic 8 letters PASTORAL
Reef material 5 letters CORAL
Camp craft 5 letters CANOE
___ to Billie Joe 3 letters ODE
Bunches 4 letters ALOT
Uproar 5 letters FUROR
Early round tournament passes 4 letters BYES
___ Speedwagon 3 letters REO
Symbol 5 letters TOKEN
Actress Keaton 5 letters DIANE
Spoiled in a way 8 letters PAMPERED
Break in the action 4 letters LULL
___ we there yet? 3 letters ARE
Workers’ ill-gotten gains? 7 letters SICKPAY
Stand-in 11 letters REPLACEMENT
Amazement 3 letters AWE
Length x width for a rectangle 4 letters AREA
___ and well 5 letters ALIVE
Blueprint 4 letters PLAN
Catchall abbr. 4 letters MISC
Femme fatale 5 letters SIREN
Fail to mention 4 letters OMIT
Singer Seeger 4 letters PETE
High schoolers 5 letters TEENS
Como ___ usted? 4 letters ESTA
Foundation 5 letters BASIS
44th POTUS 5 letters OBAMA
Basement party place 10 letters RUMPUSROOM
Printemps follower 3 letters ETE
State of agitation 6 letters LATHER
Personnel director often 5 letters HIRER
La Scala highlight 4 letters ARIA
Leak slowly 4 letters SEEP
Insurance claims professional 8 letters ASSESSOR
Greek sun god 6 letters APOLLO
Underground stem 4 letters CORM
Ancient Andean 4 letters INCA
University V.I.P. 4 letters DEAN
Iranian money 4 letters RIAL
Memorization method 4 letters ROTE
Layer of paint 4 letters COAT
Skinned 5 letters PARED
Soon to a bard 4 letters ANON
Stately south Florida trees 10 letters ROYALPALMS
Gulf port 4 letters ADEN
___-majesté 4 letters LESE
Bellyache 4 letters CARP
Olive genus 4 letters OLEA
Salad veggie shortly 4 letters CUKE
Meteorologist’s report 8 letters FORECAST
Cheat 4 letters BILK
Trillion: Prefix 4 letters TERA
Tear carrier 4 letters DUCT
Royal residence 6 letters PALACE
Sheets and such 6 letters LINENS
Dwarf’s number 5 letters SEVEN
Anticipate 5 letters AWAIT
Busybody 5 letters YENTA
Highway exit 4 letters RAMP
Buffalo’s lake 4 letters ERIE
Annoyance 4 letters PEST
Author Wiesel 4 letters ELIE
Bog down 4 letters MIRE
The Black Cat writer 3 letters POE

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