Best Free Themed Crossword August 6 2022 Answers

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Best Free Themed Crossword August 6 2022 Answers:

Thoroughfare: Abbr. 3 letters AVE
Unfreeze 4 letters THAW
Ski lift (2 wds) 4 letters TBAR
Mix as paint 4 letters STIR
Divan 4 letters SOFA
Circle the Earth 5 letters ORBIT
Bird with a mournful cry 4 letters LOON
Egg on 4 letters PROD
Squiggly mark in piñata 5 letters TILDE
Cove 5 letters INLET
go to rack and _____ 4 letters RUIN
Requirement 4 letters NEED
Oolong for one 3 letters TEA
Spinnaker e.g. 4 letters SAIL
Acorn producer 3 letters OAK
Having no need for a comb 4 letters BALD
Smith & Wesson product 3 letters GUN
One-third of tres 3 letters UNO
Stick (to) 6 letters ADHERE
Small lake 4 letters POND
Breathalyzer attachment 3 letters BAG
Pout 4 letters MOUE
Disobedient 3 letters BAD
A ___ pittance 4 letters MERE
Pet cat in British lingo 3 letters MOG
Major work 4 letters OPUS
Hard to get 6 letters SCARCE
Bauxite e.g. 3 letters ORE
Cleverly and ironically humorous 3 letters WRY
Part of T.L.C. 4 letters CARE
To Kill a Mockingbird author 3 letters LEE
____ of Good Hope 4 letters CAPE
Mermaid’s home 3 letters SEA
Govt. org. 4 letters AGCY
Part of BYO 4 letters YOUR
Inhibit 5 letters DETER
Plant life 5 letters FLORA
Make ready briefly 4 letters PREP
Oliver’s request 4 letters MORE
Dutch flower 5 letters TULIP
… happily ___ after 4 letters EVER
Part of the eye 4 letters IRIS
Diplomacy 4 letters TACT
Emperor who supposedly fiddled 4 letters NERO
The Catcher in the ___ 3 letters RYE
Make amends (for) 5 letters ATONE
String quartet member 5 letters VIOLA
Marine eagle 4 letters ERNE
Medicinal amt. 3 letters TSP
Abominable 6 letters HORRID
Run ___ of (violate) 5 letters AFOUL
Desert streambed 4 letters WADI
Young ‘un 3 letters TOT
Extreme edge 5 letters BRINK
_____ to leap tall buildings … 4 letters ABLE
Carnival attraction 4 letters RIDE
Narrow opening 4 letters SLIT
One of the Kennedys 3 letters TED
Ivan the Terrible e.g. 4 letters TSAR
It may be proper 4 letters NOUN
Brewed drink 3 letters ALE
& 3 letters AND
Apiary dweller 3 letters BEE
In ___ we trust 3 letters GOD
Cab alternative 4 letters UBER
Drug buster 4 letters NARC
Arch type 4 letters OGEE
Bullets e.g. 4 letters AMMO
Domestic entrance 4 letters DOOR
Bigger than big 4 letters HUGE
Faux _____ (blunder) 3 letters PAS
Purchase 3 letters BUY
West of Hollywood 3 letters MAE
I ___ you one 3 letters OWE
Quarry 4 letters PREY
Easy mark 3 letters SAP
Street ___ (respect slangily) 4 letters CRED
Profession 6 letters CAREER
Piece by Ira Gershwin. 5 letters LYRIC
Continuous bending line 5 letters CURVE
Hansel and Gretel for one 5 letters STORY
Creepy 5 letters EERIE
Greek war god 4 letters ARES
Astern 3 letters AFT
Oversupply 4 letters GLUT
Coke or Pepsi 4 letters COLA
Dentist’s request 4 letters OPEN
Gulf States leader 4 letters EMIR
Well-put 3 letters APT
Athlete who plays for pay 3 letters PRO

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