Best Free Themed Crossword August 18 2022 Answers

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Best Free Themed Crossword August 18 2022 Answers:

Passover kickoff meal 5 letters SEDER
Britcom with Eddy and Patsy to fans 5 letters ABFAB
Trudeau and Johnson but not Biden: Abbr. 3 letters PMS
Third planet from the sun 5 letters EARTH
Fox on the run? 5 letters TERRY
Drain of energy 3 letters SAP
Electronic remix of an Elton John hit? 15 letters CROCODILETECHNO
Vanilla qty. maybe 3 letters TSP
Molecular middles 6 letters NUCLEI
Café au ___ 4 letters LAIT
Supplement: Abbr. 4 letters ADDN
Square dance shindigs 8 letters HOEDOWNS
Dire Straits song with a gangsta vibe? 12 letters SULTANSOFRAP
Last one ___ a rotten egg! 4 letters INIS
The Raven poet’s inits. 3 letters EAP
Imam’s faith 5 letters ISLAM
Day between dim. and mar. 3 letters LUN
U.S. health agcy. 3 letters CDC
Cal. pages usually 3 letters MOS
___ Maria (Beyoncé recording) 3 letters AVE
Horseshoe-shaped symbol 5 letters OMEGA
Unintentional wink maybe 3 letters TIC
___-in-the-wool (staunch) 4 letters DYED
Tune from a ’70s version of Chicago? 12 letters ALLTHATDISCO
Feline kin of the bee’s knees 8 letters CATSMEOW
Verdi girl’s name meaning happy 4 letters AIDA
Words with and away 4 letters UPUP
Defensive chess pieces e.g. 6 letters GUARDS
Poet’s sleepy land 3 letters NOD
Song Johnny Cash performed for angsty inmates? 15 letters FOLSOMPRISONEMO
Good day?: Abbr. 3 letters FRI
Handle 5 letters SEETO
___ the Beat (The Go-Go’s hit) 5 letters WEGOT
Pit stop stuff 3 letters STP
Build ___ egg 5 letters ANEST
Scrubbed missions 5 letters NOGOS
Breakaway group 4 letters SECT
Fans of elephants? 4 letters EARS
Touch base in writing 9 letters DROPALINE
Brief you get it idea 3 letters ETC
Her help is sought in a Beach Boys hit 6 letters RHONDA
Suffix with rheum- or pneum- 4 letters ATIC
Luggage-lugging hotel hiree 7 letters BELLHOP
Unencumbered by 6 letters FREEOF
More drawn to galleries perhaps 6 letters ARTIER
Last word often 3 letters BYE
Pish posh! 5 letters PSHAW
___ the Middle (Abba song) 5 letters MANIN
Pox marks 5 letters SPOTS
Hassled for payment 6 letters DUNNED
Amish street sounds 5 letters CLOPS
Shaking hands maybe 3 letters DTS
Stand for a speech 4 letters DAIS
Social media echo chamber 4 letters SILO
Latin one 4 letters UNUM
Bagotville bag 3 letters SAC
Bombs bigtime 9 letters LAYSANEGG
Not sans 4 letters AVEC
The Beatles’ Love ___ 4 letters MEDO
Word aptly found in chamomile 4 letters CALM
Lost at battle as a P.O.W. 3 letters MIA
Groups of eight things 6 letters OCTADS
Unfit jogger’s sounds 5 letters GASPS
Stymies 7 letters THWARTS
Accomplished 3 letters DID
Reporters on the street beat 6 letters LEGMEN
Head locks you can get out of? 6 letters TOUPEE
Cut from the will say 6 letters DISOWN
Some have links or ink stains 5 letters CUFFS
To the left on the Bluenose 5 letters APORT
Flower once used as Dutch currency 5 letters TULIP
Violent protest 4 letters RIOT
Sequel to Melville’s Typee 4 letters OMOO
Exclamation points? 4 letters DOTS
Ursa in Spain 3 letters OSA
The Matrix man 3 letters NEO

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