Best Free Themed Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

If you are searching for: Best Free Themed Crossword April 8 2021 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Best Free Themed Crossword April 8 2021 Answers:

Go up and down 3 letters BOB
Sounds from a flock of geese 5 letters HONKS
Desire 4 letters WANT
Luau instrument 3 letters UKE
Ones kicked out of their country 6 letters EXILES
Captain Hook’s mate 4 letters SMEE
Just before the deadline 10 letters LASTMINUTE
Lennon or McCain 4 letters JOHN
Data unit 4 letters BYTE
Playful swimming mammal 5 letters OTTER
___-Magnon (former name for early humans) 3 letters CRO
Happy Days ___ Here Again 3 letters ARE
Kickoff time for a strategic action 8 letters ZEROHOUR
Louisiana’s county equivalent 6 letters PARISH
Good name for a cook 3 letters STU
Brief snooze 3 letters NAP
Reason 5 letters CAUSE
Big farm building 4 letters BARN
Unveil in verse 3 letters OPE
Nickname for the middle of the 55-Across 7 letters HUMPDAY
Dove’s sound 3 letters COO
City bus alternative 4 letters TAXI
Holiday figure 5 letters SANTA
Weather forecast number 3 letters LOW
Neither’s partner 3 letters NOR
Freshen on a clothesline 6 letters AIROUT
M-F for many 8 letters WORKWEEK
Scores for the Packers and Chargers (abbr.) 3 letters TDS
Pub glassful 3 letters ALE
Language of old Rome 5 letters LATIN
Itemization 4 letters LIST
Grape holder 4 letters VINE
Period between new moons 10 letters LUNARMONTH
Not odd 4 letters EVEN
Intermediate-sized firm in stock market lingo 6 letters MIDCAP
Coffee alternative 3 letters TEA
Homeowner’s paper 4 letters DEED
Marketing manager’s concern 5 letters SALES
Possess 3 letters OWN
Lamp insert 4 letters BULB
Just so-so 4 letters OKAY
Unsurpassed 4 letters BEST
Clothing line 3 letters HEM
___-Clean (stain remover brand) 3 letters OXI
Little boy in Mexico 4 letters NINO
Clumsy oaf 5 letters KLUTZ
Italian number after sei 5 letters SETTE
Business-oriented daily newspaper (abbr.) 3 letters WSJ
Oil company that’s a subsidiary of BP 5 letters AMOCO
India’s first Prime Minister 5 letters NEHRU
Voice above baritone 5 letters TENOR
Clairvoyants 5 letters SEERS
Drop from an eye 4 letters TEAR
Go bad 3 letters ROT
Loaded 4 letters RICH
Genesis twin 4 letters ESAU
Central point 3 letters HUB
Mama’s man 4 letters PAPA
Highest point 4 letters APEX
Makes music without words 4 letters HUMS
___ worth a fig 3 letters NOT
Resort with springs 3 letters SPA
___ St. Vincent Millay 4 letters EDNA
Rights-defending org. 4 letters ACLU
Underground plant part 4 letters ROOT
At this instant 3 letters NOW
Squabbling 4 letters ATIT
Unit with three feet 4 letters YARD
Pen contents 3 letters INK
Nocturnal hooter 3 letters OWL
King’s jurisdiction 5 letters REALM
Scandinavian metropolis 4 letters OSLO
Greeted silently 5 letters WAVED
Martini item 5 letters OLIVE
Zellweger in the movies 5 letters RENEE
Little cases for needles 5 letters ETUIS
Somewhat informally 5 letters KINDA
Salt to a chemist 4 letters NACL
___ the wild blue yonder 4 letters INTO
Mulligan ___ 4 letters STEW
Bigger ___ life 4 letters THAN
Conclusion 3 letters END
Issa ___ (The Photograph) 3 letters RAE
Army base cops informally 3 letters MPS

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