Best Free Themed Crossword April 17 2021 Answers

If you are searching for: Best Free Themed Crossword April 17 2021 Answers. Give your brain some exercise and solve your way through brilliant crosswords published every day! Increase your vocabulary and general knowledge. Become a master crossword solver while having tons of fun.

Best Free Themed Crossword April 17 2021 Answers:

Polite 5 letters CIVIL
Skin abnormality 4 letters CYST
Make mention of 4 letters CITE
Licorice flavor 5 letters ANISE
Lisa ___ (singer/songwriter) 4 letters LOEB
Surrounded by 4 letters AMID
Popular vodka familiarly 5 letters STOLI
Idiot-proof camera setting 4 letters AUTO
Old pronoun 4 letters THEE
___ up (in hiding) 5 letters HOLED
Western beast that resembles an antelope 9 letters PRONGHORN
Bar bill 3 letters TAB
Infamous emperor 4 letters NERO
El ___ (Spanish hero) 3 letters CID
Shoots the breeze 4 letters YAKS
Omani monarch 6 letters SULTAN
Lode contents 3 letters ORE
Sign on for another hitch 4 letters REUP
Explosive fluid informally 5 letters NITRO
The letters in this puzzle that start both an across and down entry are all both of these 15 letters HARDANDSOFTCEES
Took the loss 5 letters ATEIT
Win place and ___ (horserace bets) 4 letters SHOW
Observe 3 letters SEE
Cancel out 6 letters NEGATE
Flower sometimes called flag 4 letters IRIS
NFL scores 3 letters TDS
Fourth rock from the sun 4 letters MARS
___ bar (game room amenity) 3 letters WET
Place where apples are pressed 9 letters CIDERMILL
Still life vessels 5 letters VASES
End of a Latin trio 4 letters AMAT
Not yet eliminated 4 letters INIT
Praise profusely 5 letters EXALT
Poetic lowland 4 letters VALE
Geek 4 letters NERD
E-mail icon 5 letters REPLY
Mideast leader 4 letters EMIR
Moms in flocks 4 letters EWES
County on the Thames estuary 5 letters ESSEX
Pocket money 4 letters CASH
Division word 4 letters INTO
Old string instrument 4 letters VIOL
Tiny dot in the sea 5 letters ISLET
May 1 celebration in Hawaii 6 letters LEIDAY
Exhibit appreciation 4 letters CLAP
What’s ___ problem? 4 letters YOUR
___ Hall University 5 letters SETON
Filet alternatives 6 letters TBONES
Like Vatican dignitaries 8 letters CATHOLIC
Letters before a view 4 letters IMHO
Echelon 4 letters TIER
Ancient garden 4 letters EDEN
Sound from a sty 5 letters GRUNT
Big farm structure 4 letters BARN
I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy composer 5 letters COHAN
Ticked off 5 letters IRATE
Relaxation of red tape informally 5 letters DEREG
Classic court shoes 4 letters KEDS
Japanese bar food 5 letters SUSHI
Statistics class topic 5 letters TTEST
Thin as ___ 5 letters AREED
Sniffers 5 letters NOSES
Unsatisfactory 4 letters POOR
Thickness as of a tree 8 letters DIAMETER
Essential oil 5 letters ATTAR
Just in case you care in a text 4 letters FWIW
Weasel cousin 6 letters ERMINE
Thunderstorm descriptor 6 letters SEVERE
Toughness 5 letters SINEW
Government levies 5 letters TAXES
Spelunker’s destination 4 letters CAVE
Islamic leader 4 letters IMAM
Noted Spanish artist 4 letters DALI
Old Italian coins 4 letters LIRE
Big old Fords 4 letters LTDS
Drains of energy 4 letters SAPS
Popular fashion mag 4 letters ELLE
Mythical river 4 letters STYX

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