Best Daily Quick Crossword September 27 2021 Answers

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Best Daily Quick Crossword September 27 2021 Answers:

Samson’s temptress 7 letters DELILAH
Army officer 5 letters MAJOR
Hours of darkness 5 letters NIGHT
Unlawful 7 letters ILLEGAL
Falsehood 7 letters UNTRUTH
Book of maps 5 letters ATLAS
US coin 6 letters NICKEL
Cake-burning king 6 letters ALFRED
Thigh bone 5 letters FEMUR
Freedom 7 letters LIBERTY
Capital of Ontario 7 letters TORONTO
Prepared 5 letters READY
Coin-tossing call 5 letters HEADS
Erased 7 letters DELETED
Philanderer 7 letters DONJUAN
Illumination 5 letters LIGHT
Salad ingredient 7 letters LETTUCE
Altitude 6 letters HEIGHT
George Cross island 5 letters MALTA
Vein in the neck 7 letters JUGULAR
Regulations 5 letters RULES
Lake District county 7 letters CUMBRIA
Generous 7 letters LIBERAL
Tearless 7 letters DRYEYED
Edible nut 6 letters ALMOND
Command to a dog 5 letters FETCH
Items of jewellery 5 letters RINGS
Respond 5 letters REACT

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