Best Daily Quick Crossword October 23 2021 Answers

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Best Daily Quick Crossword October 23 2021 Answers:

Coarse rough file 4 letters RASP
First letters 8 letters INITIALS
Precious stone 7 letters DIAMOND
Data arranged in rows and columns 5 letters TABLE
Inexpensive 5 letters CHEAP
Catlike 6 letters FELINE
Whipped 6 letters LASHED
Illegible handwriting 6 letters SCRAWL
Opera by Bizet 6 letters CARMEN
Storehouse 5 letters DEPOT
Mythological abode of the dead 5 letters HADES
Slanting 7 letters OBLIQUE
Yellow cage-birds 8 letters CANARIES
A smaller amount 4 letters LESS
Deride 8 letters RIDICULE
The final frontier’ 5 letters SPACE
Fall asleep 6 letters NODOFF
Aggregate 5 letters TOTAL
Balkan country 7 letters ALBANIA
Solid fat used in cooking 4 letters SUET
Pair 6 letters COUPLE
Conspirators 8 letters PLOTTERS
Substitute 7 letters STANDIN
Embrace 6 letters CUDDLE
Nap 6 letters SNOOZE
Skinflint 5 letters MISER
Resentment of a slight 5 letters PIQUE
Elegantly stylish 4 letters CHIC

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