Best Daily Quick Crossword October 14 2021 Answers

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Best Daily Quick Crossword October 14 2021 Answers:

Change over 6 letters SWITCH
Season of growth 6 letters SPRING
Pleated frilling 5 letters RUCHE
Authentic 7 letters GENUINE
Meat from the breast of an animal 7 letters BRISKET
Humorous 5 letters COMIC
Comfortable seat 9 letters EASYCHAIR
Citrus fruit 5 letters LEMON
Naturally grown 7 letters ORGANIC
Ideas 7 letters NOTIONS
Use a divining-rod 5 letters DOWSE
Select 6 letters CHOOSE
Hole for a lace or cord 6 letters EYELET
Bushes 6 letters SHRUBS
Slope 7 letters INCLINE
Make sure 5 letters CHECK
Cure for all ills 7 letters PANACEA
Colloquial saying 5 letters IDIOM
European country 6 letters GREECE
Communicate successfully 9 letters GETACROSS
Wavy winding 7 letters SINUOUS
Renovation 7 letters RENEWAL
Health centre 6 letters CLINIC
Take willingly 6 letters ACCEPT
Favourite saying 5 letters MOTTO

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