Best Daily Quick Crossword November 28 2022 Answers

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Best Daily Quick Crossword November 28 2022 Answers:

Aid 10 letters ASSISTANCE
Mariners 7 letters SAILORS
Suburban house 4 letters SEMI
Italy’s capital 4 letters ROME
Period of unusually hot weather 8 letters HEATWAVE
Item of neckwear 6 letters CRAVAT
Brigand 6 letters BANDIT
Emphasised 8 letters STRESSED
South American country 4 letters PERU
Grassed area 4 letters LAWN
Copy 7 letters IMITATE
Constantly 10 letters ALLTHETIME
Proposition assumed to be self-evident 5 letters AXIOM
Blackthorn fruit 4 letters SLOE
Female relative 6 letters SISTER
German shepherd dog 8 letters ALSATIAN
Order 7 letters COMMAND
Cut off socially 9 letters OSTRACISE
Laboratory glassware 9 letters TESTTUBES
Cradle 8 letters BASSINET
Letters sent by plane 7 letters AIRMAIL
City of canals 6 letters VENICE
Rub out 5 letters ERASE
Flightless New Zealand bird 4 letters KIWI

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