Best Daily Quick Crossword November 27 2021 Answers

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Best Daily Quick Crossword November 27 2021 Answers:

Halted 7 letters STOPPED
Aroma 5 letters SCENT
Foreign 5 letters ALIEN
Non-aligned 7 letters NEUTRAL
Milan opera house 7 letters LASCALA
Accommodate 5 letters PUTUP
Cricketer’s bible 6 letters WISDEN
Counting-frame 6 letters ABACUS
Clever 5 letters SMART
Raise 7 letters ELEVATE
Causing inconvenience 7 letters AWKWARD
Conked out 5 letters KAPUT
Ahead of schedule 5 letters EARLY
Dashing manner 7 letters PANACHE
Lacking depth 7 letters SHALLOW
Leaves out 5 letters OMITS
Writer’s pseudonym 7 letters PENNAME
Concerning teeth 6 letters DENTAL
Baffle 5 letters STUMP
Haphazard 7 letters ERRATIC
Flowering bulb 5 letters TULIP
Shirker 7 letters SLACKER
Enter forcibly 7 letters BREAKIN
Ghost 7 letters SPECTRE
Delayed 6 letters HELDUP
Frighten 5 letters SCARE
Sycophant 5 letters TOADY
Savoury jelly 5 letters ASPIC

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