Best Daily Quick Crossword May 17 2023 Answers

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Best Daily Quick Crossword May 17 2023 Answers:

Spanish capital 6 letters MADRID
Walk with long steps 6 letters STRIDE
Wed 5 letters MARRY
Type of lettuce 7 letters ICEBERG
Puzzling questions 7 letters RIDDLES
Call upon 5 letters VISIT
Dispirited downcast 9 letters DEPRESSED
Happen 5 letters OCCUR
Wind instrument 7 letters TRUMPET
Sleep 7 letters SLUMBER
Plunder 5 letters BOOTY
Be unsteady on one’s feet 6 letters TOTTER
Away from the coast 6 letters INLAND
Remembrance 6 letters MEMORY
Made fun of 7 letters DERIDED
Story or scene of happy innocence 5 letters IDYLL
Dozens 7 letters TWELVES
Thoughts 5 letters IDEAS
Fourscore 6 letters EIGHTY
Police officer 9 letters INSPECTOR
Short moral story 7 letters PARABLE
Certificate 7 letters DIPLOMA
Tight-fitting undergarment 6 letters CORSET
Remained 6 letters STAYED
Pastry covering 5 letters CRUST
Not rural 5 letters URBAN

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