Best Daily Quick Crossword June 29 2022 Answers

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Best Daily Quick Crossword June 29 2022 Answers:

Stop 6 letters DESIST
Untidy writing 6 letters SCRAWL
Mushrooms and toadstools 5 letters FUNGI
First course of a meal 7 letters STARTER
Deserved 7 letters MERITED
Native American tent 5 letters TEPEE
Slanging match 9 letters ARGYBARGY
Distinguishing feature 5 letters TRAIT
Savoury pear-shaped fruit 7 letters AVOCADO
Cul-de-sac 7 letters DEADEND
Artificial waterway 5 letters CANAL
Without concealment 6 letters OPENLY
Hypodermic syringe 6 letters NEEDLE
Slander 6 letters DEFAME
Spanish wine cocktail 7 letters SANGRIA
Period of work 5 letters SHIFT
Ratchet (anag) 7 letters CHATTER
Behave badly 5 letters ACTUP
Place where food is kept 6 letters LARDER
Furniture item 9 letters SIDEBOARD
Recover from illness 7 letters GETWELL
Pined 7 letters YEARNED
Artist’s workroom 6 letters STUDIO
Long-haired sheepdog 6 letters COLLIE
Stone with coloured bands 5 letters AGATE
When expected 5 letters ONCUE

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