Best Daily Quick Crossword June 27 2022 Answers

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Best Daily Quick Crossword June 27 2022 Answers:

Thoroughly soaked 7 letters SOPPING
Greek letter S 5 letters SIGMA
Souvenir 5 letters RELIC
Exploded 7 letters BLOWNUP
Learner 7 letters TRAINEE
Devoutness 5 letters PIETY
Embraced 6 letters HUGGED
Tree providing wood for cricket bats 6 letters WILLOW
Circular 5 letters ROUND
Absconds 7 letters DECAMPS
Italian child 7 letters BAMBINO
Interior 5 letters INNER
Simple song 5 letters DITTY
Clients (anag) 7 letters STENCIL
Withdraw from a contest 7 letters SCRATCH
Lively Bohemian dance 5 letters POLKA
Enrage 7 letters INCENSE
Gallows 6 letters GIBBET
Exclusive news story 5 letters SCOOP
Polite refined 7 letters GENTEEL
Put to use 5 letters APPLY
Epicure 7 letters GOURMET
Slope 7 letters INCLINE
Spendthrift 7 letters WASTREL
Obnoxious 6 letters ODIOUS
Dressed 5 letters ROBED
God or goddess 5 letters DEITY
Frenzied 5 letters MANIC

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