Best Daily Quick Crossword June 23 2022 Answers

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Best Daily Quick Crossword June 23 2022 Answers:

Sailors’ song 6 letters SHANTY
Deft 6 letters ADROIT
Alternative additional 5 letters OTHER
Coldly and deliberately cruel 7 letters CALLOUS
Eldest son of French king 7 letters DAUPHIN
Mannequin 5 letters MODEL
Burial ground 9 letters GRAVEYARD
Storage container for tea 5 letters CADDY
Taverns (anag) 7 letters SERVANT
Without weapons 7 letters UNARMED
Stringed instrument 5 letters VIOLA
Not large 6 letters LITTLE
Eau de vie 6 letters BRANDY
Cheap and nasty 6 letters SHODDY
German warning 7 letters ACHTUNG
Flashlight 5 letters TORCH
Quandary 7 letters DILEMMA
Egg-shaped 5 letters OVOID
Struggle 6 letters TUSSLE
Owned up 9 letters CONFESSED
Very bad indeed 7 letters ABYSMAL
Heavily armed mounted soldier 7 letters DRAGOON
Existing in fact 6 letters ACTUAL
Regular boyfriend or girlfriend 6 letters STEADY
Preliminary version 5 letters DRAFT
Wanderer 5 letters ROVER

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