Best Daily Quick Crossword June 22 2021 Answers

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Best Daily Quick Crossword June 22 2021 Answers:

Summer month 4 letters JULY
Sheath for a sword 8 letters SCABBARD
Stray from the subject 7 letters DIGRESS
Grown-up 5 letters ADULT
Paved garden area 5 letters PATIO
List of things to be done or discussed 6 letters AGENDA
In truth 6 letters REALLY
Extortionate money-lender 6 letters USURER
Infuriate 6 letters MADDEN
Garden tools 5 letters RAKES
Contempt 5 letters SCORN
Incident 7 letters EPISODE
Cooked egg dish 8 letters OMELETTE
Conspiracy 4 letters PLOT
Riding-breeches 8 letters JODHPURS
Of little weight 5 letters LIGHT
Free-and-easy 6 letters CASUAL
Red Indian warrior 5 letters BRAVE
Apart 7 letters ASUNDER
Facts given 4 letters DATA
Shrink in horror 6 letters RECOIL
View 8 letters PROSPECT
Fashionable 7 letters ALAMODE
Exert to the utmost 6 letters STRAIN
Owing money 6 letters INDEBT
Tightly packed 5 letters DENSE
Hillock 5 letters KNOLL

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