Best Daily Quick Crossword January 16 2021 Answers

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Best Daily Quick Crossword January 16 2021 Answers:

Item of footwear 4 letters SHOE
Unripe 8 letters IMMATURE
Irritated 7 letters NEEDLED
Credit prestige 5 letters KUDOS
Custom 5 letters USAGE
Patron saint of Scotland 6 letters ANDREW
Closer 6 letters NEARER
Former name of Iran 6 letters PERSIA
Whitening chemical 6 letters BLEACH
Tantalise 5 letters TEASE
Arbour 5 letters BOWER
Dishonourable 7 letters IGNOBLE
Imperil 8 letters ENDANGER
Scottish dance 4 letters REEL
Hopeful 8 letters SANGUINE
Last Greek letter 5 letters OMEGA
Noon 6 letters MIDDAY
Invited 5 letters ASKED
Disrobe 7 letters UNDRESS
Otherwise 4 letters ELSE
Sheep’s coat of wool 6 letters FLEECE
Goodbye 8 letters FAREWELL
Permitted 7 letters ALLOWED
Stretch out 6 letters EXTEND
Three times 6 letters THRICE
Protective garment 5 letters APRON
Saunter 5 letters AMBLE
Proficient 4 letters ABLE

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