Best Daily Quick Crossword December 2 2021 Answers

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Best Daily Quick Crossword December 2 2021 Answers:

Steering apparatus 6 letters RUDDER
Polar region 6 letters ARCTIC
Suspicious 5 letters FISHY
Lake District county 7 letters CUMBRIA
Greedy eater 7 letters GLUTTON
___ and crannies 5 letters NOOKS
Innocent 9 letters BLAMELESS
Larceny 5 letters THEFT
Speech defect 7 letters STAMMER
Borne 7 letters CARRIED
Approximately 5 letters CIRCA
Piercing scream 6 letters SHRIEK
Salad vegetable 6 letters RADISH
Haven 6 letters REFUGE
Agitate 7 letters DISTURB
Pharaoh’s land 5 letters EGYPT
Love story 7 letters ROMANCE
Midsection 5 letters TORSO
Unrefined 6 letters COARSE
Owned up 9 letters CONFESSED
Tirades (anag.) 7 letters ASTRIDE
Japanese warrior 7 letters SAMURAI
Heaps 6 letters STACKS
Deliver a sermon 6 letters PREACH
Mistake 5 letters ERROR
Ghana’s capital 5 letters ACCRA

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