Best Daily Quick Crossword August 2 2021 Answers

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Best Daily Quick Crossword August 2 2021 Answers:

Saturday and Sunday 7 letters WEEKEND
Boundary 5 letters LIMIT
Compass bearing 5 letters SOUTH
Modesty 7 letters DECENCY
Entourage 7 letters RETINUE
Big 5 letters LARGE
Dawdle 6 letters LOITER
Polar region 6 letters ARCTIC
Ground meat 5 letters MINCE
Considerable amount 7 letters TIDYSUM
Fiasco 7 letters DEBACLE
Entertain 5 letters AMUSE
Take unlawfully 5 letters STEAL
Phantom 7 letters SPECTRE
Spendthrift 7 letters WASTREL
Rejoice 5 letters EXULT
Heighten 7 letters ENHANCE
Avoided 6 letters DODGED
In the vicinity 5 letters LOCAL
Tower on a mosque 7 letters MINARET
Aromatic herb 5 letters THYME
Dishonourable 7 letters IGNOBLE
Bureaucracy 7 letters REDTAPE
Host master of ceremonies 7 letters COMPERE
Emphasise 6 letters STRESS
Legendary king with the golden touch 5 letters MIDAS
Be superior 5 letters EXCEL
Crouch 5 letters SQUAT

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