Best Daily Quick Crossword August 18 2022 Answers

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Best Daily Quick Crossword August 18 2022 Answers:

Measure of land 4 letters ACRE
Scaremonger 8 letters ALARMIST
Large edible crustacean 7 letters LOBSTER
Subject topic 5 letters THEME
Part of a target next to the bull’s-eye 5 letters INNER
Nearer 6 letters CLOSER
Occur 6 letters HAPPEN
Larger 6 letters BIGGER
English county 6 letters DORSET
Render void 5 letters ANNUL
Stay in bed longer 5 letters LIEIN
Latter part of the day 7 letters EVENING
US legislative body 8 letters CONGRESS
You (archaic) 4 letters THEE
OK 8 letters ALLRIGHT
Outlaw of Sherwood 5 letters ROBIN
Words of a song 6 letters LYRICS
Proportion 5 letters RATIO
Type of lettuce 7 letters ICEBERG
Fastened 4 letters TIED
Die of hunger 6 letters STARVE
Foreword 8 letters PROLOGUE
Pointer (anag) 7 letters PROTEIN
Pictures 6 letters IMAGES
Accentuate 6 letters STRESS
Underwater detection system 5 letters SONAR
Whinny 5 letters NEIGH
Group of countries with a common policy 4 letters BLOC

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