Best Daily Cryptic Crossword October 14 2021 Answers

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Best Daily Cryptic Crossword October 14 2021 Answers:

Not a main road – it’s steered round 10 letters SIDESTREET
Communications in a disorderly state for a very long time 8 letters MESSAGES
Do evening work in golf club 4 letters IRON
Metal in first place 4 letters LEAD
We linger about at all events 7 letters HOWEVER
Some Frenchwomen suffering Seine sprain? 11 letters PARISIENNES
Imposing residence for chap is no ruin 7 letters MANSION
Places of refreshment seen in opposite directions 4 letters INNS
Nothing is included with prize rosette 4 letters ZERO
King about to be surrounded by river people in the Middle East 8 letters ISRAELIS
Mean people hide stones 10 letters SKINFLINTS
Nick dislodged slate 5 letters STEAL
Hopelessness I spread about 7 letters DESPAIR
An indication that one has to ratify a contract? 4 letters SIGN
Desert or ruins made good 8 letters RESTORED
The best selection from Japanese literature 5 letters ELITE
Large roses ordered for beaten contestants 6 letters LOSERS
College boy embracing small European 8 letters ESTONIAN
Trees by quiet country roads 6 letters PLANES
Little girl eager for material 7 letters NANKEEN
Baby bird 5 letters STORK
Mistakes made with lingerie 5 letters SLIPS
In part an actor always has spoken 4 letters ORAL

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