Best Daily Cryptic Crossword November 25 2022 Answers

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Best Daily Cryptic Crossword November 25 2022 Answers:

Red US state? 11 letters RHODEISLAND
Cartoon character father has to watch 6 letters POPEYE
Daniel in play saying it isn’t so 6 letters DENIAL
Virginia upset young female subordinate 6 letters VASSAL
Country having outbreak of rabies? 6 letters SERBIA
European Monetary Union gets the bird 3 letters EMU
Provided a speech to read out 6 letters ORATED
Very old and swimming in Tyne 6 letters NINETY
Lose a thousand on a Scottish isle 6 letters MISLAY
High praise you gel you formed 6 letters EULOGY
Tender names? 11 letters ENDEARMENTS
Therefore a monstrous giant retires 4 letters ERGO
Footballers seldom seen at home? 6 letters ROVERS
Rose – a beautiful woman in red 8 letters REBELLED
American editor is not new 4 letters USED
Flag for prohibitionist? 6 letters BANNER
Trade is in it for a dreamer 8 letters IDEALIST
Verse set to music for high fliers? 8 letters AIRLINES
Fishy menu with bass and rays 8 letters SUNBEAMS
A Spanish city that may be looted 6 letters TOLEDO
Lynn’s upset about old stockings 6 letters NYLONS
Some very early period of time 4 letters YEAR
Cut wood with force 4 letters GASH

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