Best Daily Cryptic Crossword May 14 2023 Answers

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Best Daily Cryptic Crossword May 14 2023 Answers:

Celebration outside Leatherhead? Not entirely 6 letters PARTLY
Service provided in mountainous area 6 letters MASSIF
Carry minute emblem that’s venerated 5 letters TOTEM
Terrace rebuilt for provider of food 7 letters CATERER
Anticipate deposits being taken in payment 7 letters FORESEE
People waiting in line for a letter we hear 5 letters QUEUE
A diet seen to be wrong for people held in custody 9 letters DETAINEES
Time to follow American custom 5 letters USAGE
Last offer 7 letters HOLDOUT
Given name of boy with elederly relative 7 letters GRANTED
Chap with Italian article in Italian city 5 letters MILAN
Retiring slip inside for a drink 6 letters SHERRY
Hidden stores we hear for crowds 6 letters HORDES
Turning up upper-class gent is discouraged 6 letters PUTOFF
Engineers worn out went to bed 7 letters RETIRED
Essayist’s woolly jumpers? 5 letters LAMBS
Quite an odd arrangement – and quite an old thing 7 letters ANTIQUE
Start playing tennis to be of use 5 letters SERVE
An animal Her Majesty has to worry about 6 letters FERRET
Dear singer – one joining cast 9 letters CHERISHED
Hi-fi component required for one posting messages 7 letters TWEETER
Small animal went ahead – and looked displeased 7 letters SCOWLED
They try an Old Testament book 6 letters JUDGES
Saint in Kansas is very bad 6 letters STINKS
Stagger from a labyrinth 5 letters AMAZE

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