Best Daily Cryptic Crossword March 24 2023 Answers

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Best Daily Cryptic Crossword March 24 2023 Answers:

This month disturbance is caused by training 11 letters INSTRUCTION
Medicine or drug no-one returns 6 letters POTION
Guard posted on railway 6 letters SENTRY
There’s not much for John in Sherwood 6 letters LITTLE
Some wonderful marine bird 6 letters FULMAR
Letter from Greece seen repeatedly in Philadelphia 3 letters PHI
Finally producing a book of maps on time 6 letters ATLAST
Scoundrels disturbing grouse 6 letters ROGUES
This sounds like a country lubricant 6 letters GREASE
Dreads becoming more unhappy 6 letters SADDER
Done with an English port – repeatedly 11 letters OVERANDOVER
Floor-covering found in Berlin once 4 letters LINO
A beast of burden is the first to help 6 letters ASSIST
Part of church that may be divided into ten parts 8 letters TRANSEPT
Legislation is effective 4 letters ACTS
Boy – one embraced by little girl 6 letters LIONEL
Additional pay for a sincere sort 8 letters INCREASE
Joined forces in petrol refining 8 letters INTERPOL
If going north live somewhere warm 8 letters FIRESIDE
A psychotic motel owner lets up 6 letters ABATES
Work with female star or naked lady 6 letters GODIVA
Dutch cheese made round 4 letters EDAM
Country round lake 4 letters EIRE

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