Best Daily Cryptic Crossword January 25 2023 Answers

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Best Daily Cryptic Crossword January 25 2023 Answers:

Sailor with coat and first man to cover a road? 10 letters TARMACADAM
Article about performance 7 letters RECITAL
New husband is a stable man 5 letters GROOM
Top of skirt has new waistband 4 letters SASH
Doubt set in quotes 8 letters QUESTION
Be united with company present 6 letters COHERE
Moves after I left cagebirds 6 letters BUDGES
Where schoolchildren bought food for friar’s dance? 8 letters TUCKSHOP
Norse god with some authority 4 letters THOR
A girl of the Indian Empire 5 letters DIANE
One tail wagging with great joy 7 letters ELATION
Lasting well in its present form 10 letters PERSISTENT
Parasites making right marks 5 letters TICKS
The ceremony is correct we hear 4 letters RITE
Using maximum power everyone is on strike 6 letters ALLOUT
Roman emperor giving a month to us 8 letters AUGUSTUS
Loving a party call 7 letters ADORING
Writing censored by editor taken to court 10 letters PROSECUTED
Cook sent in more soup 10 letters MINESTRONE
People who work backstage making furniture? 8 letters DRESSERS
Replacement for the acre! 7 letters HECTARE
Eccentric strove with the electorate 6 letters VOTERS
Uplift one gets in a crowd 5 letters HOIST
Get a poor number of spectators 4 letters GATE

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